Mystic Messenger: V Another Story – Good Ending Guide DAY 6

I just finished playing Another Story: V Route today and I got both normal and good ending, so I thought I want to share with you which answer which led me into good ending. Please note that my guide is not absolute, you may choose differently at certain point and will still get the good ending. The most important thing is your total points before the game branch which counts. However, I can’t guarantee a good ending if you choose differently from mine for I don’t know how the game count my point to deserve the ending I got. If you happen to choose different answers from mine and successfully get the good ending then you can share it with me in the comment below. Good luck!

Note: For now my guide will start from the 5th day, since I thought it will be more difficult to get the ending we want from day 5 to 11.

(*) is an answer related to guest email, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

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01:17 – 707 Cyber News



You’re getting your meals on time, aren’t you?

I know you’ll win, Seven!

You need a right too!

Who made them? ;;;


Jaehee… You’re still up late…

You work all day and night, Jaehee T-T

The sun.

Don’t you think it’d be something related to Rika?

Mint color?

V has mint-colored eyes!

Hmmm… That sounds worth a try.

So how long does it take?

Don’t you think it’s better to get the coordinates after a week, like V said?

I’ll see you again…

Who is it?

Ok… Could you ask him to send me an email? *

He seems to have a lot of hobbies.

It will! Cheer up, Jaehee.

02:43 – V’s Concerns

There was something I’ve been working on…

I think he’s trying to decrypt the coordinates as fast as he can.

Do the mint-colored eyes mean something?

I don’t think getting the right coordinates is going to be easy.

V, you shouldn’t let yourself get in danger… That might be the best way for you.


I’m alright… It’s rather quiet here.

You turned a little brighter thanks to me, didn’t you? ^^

Do you think I’m attractive, V?

Story Mode: V

No option available

07:55 – Changes Jumin Sees

It’s a beautiful morning!

Pictures! Let me see them!

V is still looking for Rika’s traces. It breaks my heart.

Jaehee! You’re here so early.

She’s right. you should go to work!

And don’t forget V! You can also protect him!

In a good way?

I think V is slowly approaching me because my heart is wide open for him.

I hope V will take courage and break his wall himself!

What? Why?

Jaehee, please make sure V doesn’t see those pictures.


But you can’t send anyone else to V’s home T-T

Let’s take care of them one by one!

Why don’t you have a cup of morning coffee?

Good luck today, Jaehee!

10:24 – Don’t Want to be Hated

Ray, are you still attacking the RFA?

Are you the one who sent those images to the RFA?

It looks like nothing but a malicious delivery…

Actually, I think it’s reckless that he’s coming to save me all by himself.

Wouldn’t it help you if I keep contacting the RFA?

I’ll trust V.

Don’t touch the RFA anymore. And please let me go.

Where did you learn to hack?

Are you going to send something worse than images?

I like you too.

Are you going to make me take that drug?

Why do you hate V so much?

Who is this savior?

What preparations?

You will come to see me… right?

12:33 – Need Some Fresh Air

About time to gaze at the sun, worrying about V…

Your body rhythms turn irregular, which could cause obesity or imbalance of hormones in the future, and…

Is something wrong?

I wanna get some air on your car, Seven

You should. Be brave!

Yoosung… why would you go there…?

…Good for you, Jaehee.

Stop suspecting V, Yoosung T-T

What about Zen?

I wonder what Zen does with that computer.

He should keep it well until he donates it to a museum…

I think I know now how precious is my computer.

Ok… there’s no other choice. *

We are going to have the party! The RFA party will be held as planned!

I think Zen would use that to listen to music…

I think we should first help Zen before we hold a charity party.

I think this is a good time for a donation…

What kind of nagging does he give?

I wish LOLOL would work on phones…

Please be careful of kidnappers!

Story Mode: Jaehee Kang

No option available.

14:42 – Passion Red

Jaehee, are you on your way?

But I think V will be distressed when he sees those pictures…

He said he’s going to get some air –

What is his car like?

I wonder what kind of car V owns.

I’d like to go on a drive with V…

Hi, Zen.

Lucky you, Jaehee T-T

I thought of V!

It’s the graceful stability that dances between speeding and slowing!

I wanna try Seven’s car – it’s packed with speed.

No no you should first get a new computer…

I think you should throw it into a junk shop.

What can you possibly do with that computer?

What’s your OS?


Do you have a Walkingman?

I wonder what kind of pictures V got. I’m starting to get worried.

I wonder what V’s home is like…

I’m sure he does more than Jumin does lol

Rough is the life of an agent…

Don’t be so stressed out! Have fun!

Do you think V is good with computers?

Have a safe trip! Please watch Seven so that he doesn’t break into V’s house!

Story Mode

Who is it?

How were you doing, Ray?

Are we going to meet her?



You won’t stop me from using the messenger, will you?

What’s your name?

16:19 – Yoosung’s Heaven

Yoosung, did you have dinner yet?

Not yet!

Cup noodle is bad for your health! Especially for your skin!

A robot? Wow, that’s future right there.

Welcome, Jumin.

Is it because Jaehee isn’t with you right now?

You talked about work even in chat rooms? T-T

Jaehee… I wonder when she can return home tonight…

Yoosung, your suspicion is just endless… Can’t you trust V for just a little? T-T

Oh… Thank you for the compliment!

Yes… V will come to save me.

I hope you’d take more action instead of blaming V!

Good idea! Now that’s something only you can do.

Good luck!

I think this sounds all very strange to you, Jumin.

A vending machine robot for cup noodles?

Let’s invite him! And let’s place computers at the party! *

Good luck!

Tell me about it. So I’m assuming she still hasn’t reported to you.

What’s the menu?

Story Mode: 707

No option available.

18:23 – Heading towards 2020

Zen, how was your exercise?

Yes, there’s nothing like a shower after exercise!

You’re such a hard worker! That’s so cool!

We’ll get to hear lots of helpful tips on a diet! Great! *


She said in the previous chat room!

Is V fit too? +_+

I think you need to have your seriousness on if you’re going to advise him on computers.

Looks awesome…

The latest model runs on Hindows 7?

Don’t you think we should get him THE latest model?

Do you have 36 months plan with no interest?

Wow! Seriously? That’s unbelievable!

…May God7 watch over you.

I think this time he really means it!

By the way, Seven. How did your trip to V’s house go?

He said he needs your computer to work on something.

Back up! Back them up!

Oh, two in a row? Who is it now?

Hmm… but don’t you think you need some distance from the other party?

Though I’d like to know that acquaintance of your acquaintance… Alright. Let’s invite him. *

Ok see ya!

Story Mode: V

No option available.

20:00 – Doubtful Family

I moved to somewhere else… But I’m fine.

No, I would’ve done the same thing.

Was there something in V’s mailbox?


Why would the sender send such things to V?

Do you think he missed Rika?

Did you talk to your aunt?

Why would she tell you to take Rika’s stuff?

And why would your aunt say that?

It’s so sad, but it looks like something is definitely wrong.

And you’ve been blaming V all this time with no idea about this…?

But I think it’s strange Rika never talked about her parents.

But they’re still her parents. Maybe it’s true to some extent.

This isn’t your fault…

Perhaps that’s why she made such a dire choice.

You shouldn’t look for someone to blame. Instead, you should start offering condolence to Rika with your heart.

From now on let’s trust V together.

If you’re stressed out, you might want to take a break. Don’t think about anything else.

I’m fine… I met someone new, so I’m a little nervous. But I’m fine! I’ll tell you if there’s danger.

I hope you take a break!

Everything will be ok!

Yes, if there’s anyone who needs my help, I’m willing to offer it.

I think things would’ve been different if Rika was willing to show what she felt.

I’m going to wait for V to contact me.

Story Mode

I’m thinking what this place is.

You look like a nice person.

Do you like me?

What do you mean?

V will come to save me…

Yes, I’d like to, but not with you.


22:02 – His Idea of Family

Welcome, Jumin.

But that’s the proof Jaehee’s doing a good job –

I’m sure he did. He’s her fiance…

Well, you can’t change your familial environment…

Yep! I’m fine.

How did Seven find out the coordinates?

Since when did you live with your cat, Jumin?

Did Rika avoid talking about her parents?

Ugh… you’re right.

So you loved her just the way she is.

Why don’t we call an end to this conversation? This is a personal story on Rika.

But maybe it would’ve been better for V to see them.


Have a good time with Elizabeth the 3rd.

Did you just call him?

Yes, I will. Don’t worry.

Story Mode: 707

How old is this building?

Does Ray have lots of wounds too?

I’m worried about Ray.

What’s your relation to the RFA…?

I see.

V! This place isn’t safe. Run!

You called her… Rika.


23:11 – What Happened to V!?!

V! Are you alright?

Story Mode

Rika, you look anxious.

What will happen to V now…?

A little.

Is that why you made this place?

What are you going to do with V?

What is it?


Note: I’m sorry if some answers were leading towards Ray more than V, I just can’t make him sad. So maybe me getting a good ending was only barely passed the line hahaha. 


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Mystic Messenger: V Another Story – Good Ending Guide DAY 5

I just finished playing Another Story: V Route today and I got both normal and good ending, so I thought I want to share with you which answer which led me into good ending. Please note that my guide is not absolute, you may choose differently at certain point and will still get the good ending. The most important thing is your total points before the game branch which counts. However, I can’t guarantee a good ending if you choose differently from mine for I don’t know how the game count my point to deserve the ending I got. If you happen to choose different answers from mine and successfully get the good ending then you can share it with me in the comment below. Good luck!

Note: For now my guide will start from the 5th day, since I thought it will be more difficult to get the ending we want from day 5 to 11.

(*) is an answer related to guest email, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10



00:03 – Truth Revealed

Did you catch V?

This is confusing. I don’t know whom I should trust…

So this was no game from the beginning…!

Why did you bring me here?

Alright. I’ll do as you say.

I think I need a moment to clear my thoughts.

Story Mode

No option available.

02:00 – Data Filled with Riddles

So what did you do?

Is V safe?

What could it be?

The connection seems unstable… I’m worried about him.

Where are you right now?

May I, V?

Why would you hide him?

Alright… I’ll keep a secret about what happens here.

Seven, do you invent things a lot?

You’ve encrypted them since you can’t tell right now where you are, right?

Did he forget the word he input by any chance?

Why for a week?

V… shouldn’t you get help from the rest of the RFA?

So what about our party?

V… I really want to know what you’re thinking…

I understand that you’re trying to do this alone… But promise me that you’ll be safe, V.

Seven… thank you for understanding V.

I’m fine. You came to save me , didn’t you?

Ok… Please call me as soon as you can.

Story Mode

No option available.

07:30 – Trust

Good morning, Zen! I’m fine!

V sent Seven his location in encrypted form.

I’ll feel save if you come to rescue too!

I’m safe right now, so please don’t worry. V will save me.

I’m sure there’s a complicated reason for V… I’m worried about him, actually.

I’ll do the best I can for the party too.

Who is this candidate?

Sounds interesting! Please tell him to send me an email. *

So you want us to trust V…!

I see! Now I get it!

Looks like you understands V to his depth, Jumin.

Yes, I know very well that V values RFA so much.

I’m sorry I can’t tell you that…

You’re so thorough…! Thank you, Jumin.

They’re very special friends, that’s why.

Yes, I’m going to wait too.

I will. Thank you for your concerns… Zen!!

Story Mode

No option available.

10:52 – V’s Insecurity

V, does your phone work now?

I’m fine! Are you okay?

I’m fine! Nothing happened yet!

You had no choice. I’m just glad you’re safe.

Yes, I’ll be waiting…

You’re telling me to sell you out! I can’t do that!

Don’t blame yourself too much… Everything will be okay. It’s partially my fault. I was too innocent.

I’ll trust you. And I’ll be waiting. Please take care of yourself, V…

Story Mode

No option available.

12:47 – Lies and Two People

My goodness! Where did that come from?

First of all… I’m safe yet. So don’t worry about me.


Welcome, Zen…

Hold on… It might be somebody’s mistake.

So this person actually came in person to put that in your mailbox?

Like blackmailing letter, for example…

Let’s not suspect the members of the RFA… T-T

Don’t you think someone who hates V sent it?

I agree… Just who would do this…?

That’s a great idea!

Watch out on your way! And be careful of the alleyways!

Maybe this person is trying to throw RFA into a whirlpool of confusion?

My heart is breaking. It looks like V is going through nothing but misfortunes and mishaps.

Please take care of Yoosung…

Gotcha. You don’t have to worry about me!

15:11 – Ill Will and Hypocrite

Did something happen to V…?

Seems like it… Who could hate V that much? I hope he doesn’t suffer any harm…

I’m more worried about V. There’s no doubt he’ll see this…

Jumin, Jaehee also got that bizarre photo.

Wait… Could it be…?

That was… an important task.

That’s so smooth of you, Jumin…

Jaehee… Wish I could send you the SEVENSTAR DRINK.

Is this person planning on sending everyone at the RFA one of these images?

Why does no one know where Seven lives?

Shouldn’t we get outside help?

The eminence of the overtime all-nighter…

Wow… I never knew such units exists in C&R.

Jaehee… You’re sacrificing yourself for the RFA.

…I can only see a Niagara of tears before me.

Jaehee T-T Is there anything I can do to help?

Is it okay to do this without telling V?

You’re very talented, Jumin…

Good, please tell him to contact me! *

I hope V will pick up…

Jaehee, now you have more work T-T

I believe the RFA will make it through this well!

Good luck, Jaehee!

Story Mode: V

No option available.

17:59 – Seven’s Plea

hey seven

Ugh… looks like somebody really hates V…

…Are you suspecting that hacker?

There’s no way V is a bad person!

If he did, then I bet he’s heartbroken…

We’ve trusted him so much until now… Let’s not think of bad things!

I’m sure it’s because he doesn’t want to put you in danger!

Maybe… there was no other choice for V.

He said he’ll come save me. So maybe he is nearby.

You sound tired, Seven…

So you want V to tell you where he is, right?

I hope you can decrypt this asap.

Story Mode

No option available.

19:36 – Zen’s View

It looks like now Seven’s having a hard time too…

I’m worried we’re hearing nothing from V yet…

What are we going to do with V…?

Heavy drinking isn’t good for you.

But are you feeling better now?

That’s impossible…

I’d say that man has a heart of steel… He’s impressive…

V! Thank god you’re logged in! Are you alright?


Are you really coming to get me? Don’t you think it’d be dangerous?

I think it’s reckless to do all that by yourself.

V… I hope the time comes soon.

That’s right! You’re a hero, Zen!

I’d like to trust you, V…

What is this truth?

Yoosung… please calm down.

Yoosung… you should first do something about that alcohol in your blood…

A human relationship isn’t something you can define as one or the other…

Yoosung, I think you’ve gone too far…

You’re taking great care of Yoosung.

V… I hope you’d tell us the truth someday…

He’s right! So please think about it, V.

I think you should take care of him…

Actually, I’m having a great time. I got to meet you and a group of new people.

You’re still grieving a lot for Rika’s death, aren’t you?

Getting what you want doesn’t always lead to happiness…

V, Rika’s choice is her own. It has nothing to do with you.

You’re saying a deceased will come back?

Right now you say…? You mean at heaven?

V, please hang in there!

Story Mode: V

No option available.

21:00 – How We Take in Sadness

Hehehehe are you sober now, Yoosung?

Are you feeling okay now? About your heart, I mean.

I wish I could talk to V too.

Hello, Jaehee.

The power of youth –

Don’t drink too much!

She’s right… I hope you’d understand how V would feel…

May I ask you why?

That’s not what I was expecting to hear… But I think V had his own reasons why he looked like that.

So V was so sad that he couldn’t even cry.

That’s called the process of parting with your pain…

I hope that’d be the case…

I see… V still loves Rika… It hurts a bit.

Yes, do think about it, Yoosung!

No, you’ve done well!

I agree… Let there be peace!

Oh dear… Good luck, Jaehee.

Story Mode: V

No option available.

22:22 – Secrets Revealed

I wanted to talk too…!

I trust you.

You will tell us everything soon, won’t you?

You mean that the person who sent the images is this hacker?

But why would you try to handle this on your own?

But Rika is no longer alive…

But why would you tell us all this now?

So you’re here to tell us to not let ourselves waver if that happens, right?

You’re saying this is something you need to do alone, aren’t you?

Yes, I promise.

I’m counting on you!

Story Mode: V

No option available.

23:48 – Finishing Up On a Stormy

Welcome, Jumin.

I think there’s a grievous secret regarding Rika’s death…

You’re caring for me, aren’t you? Thank you ^^;

Same here… I think this situation is really complicated.

I can’t give you details since that hacker might see this… but it bothers me that the hacker hates V.

Birds of a feather flock together.

For example?

Huh? Maybe!?

Ahahahaha!! Good one, Jumin!

But if she’s alive, why won’t she come back to us?

So Jumin, you also wish Rika were alive.

I’d like to meet her myself…

I think their lives are completely different…

How’s Yoosung doing right now?

I think you’re not getting enough sleep, Jumin…

A model?

Hahahahahaha my stomach!!!!

I feel sorry for Jaehee… but I’d like to invite him to the party. *

I like Jumin’s personality… especially regarding his care for his friend.

The members would be so happy…

I’m feeling nervous… but I should trust V.

Story Mode

No option available.


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Mystic Messenger: V Another Story – Additional Email Guide

The newest V Route which was released few days ago has more guests to invite. In case you’re confused which one of the answer is true, you can refer to this guide. Please note that I haven’t got all the guests yet and there are some guests I still failed to invite due to wrong answer. So this guide is still incomplete. I will keep updating this page as I’m progressing through the game, wish me luck!

*Note: The true answer is marked with BOLD and (*) just in case the font is not so clear.


Carry blood packs *

Man …hunt!

In a dark gloomy house inside the woods!

House within the city *

A pair of modern and chic suits! *

An elegant medieval costume!


The first mail answer is something like I want to eat the udon. CMIIW.

Rearrange the successful menu! Udon hot pot!

Go 180, stir-fried udon! *

Emphasize it’s good for your health! *

Pour water over them!


Actually I forgot what the options are for the first email, but I remember I answered something like: Of course not, because the pluto asked me if whether he is forgotten or something.


Hades *


Kerberos *


Must be a machine, not fairy magic! *

Sprinkle Magic Powder!


Experienced electric shock. *

Lived with mice.

You shouldn’t miss this chance! *

No! Take a different role.

Don’t think it’s a good idea.

What’s wrong with that? *


You are also a very unique and extraordinary person^^.

Rich enough to fill the swimming pool with money *

You can meet the youths of today!

There’s also a celebrity coming! *

Have you met a hacker before? *

How about a secretary of a director in a conglomerate?


I think it’s cool! Of course you can! *

Ha…haha… My right arm is twitching.

As a matter of fact, the Azure dragon grants wishes too…

Smug, the light and hope of adolescent conceit! *

Dark dragon Smug is also the symbol of strength! *

Why not become a villain instead?


Freud *


Dreams *



Schizophrenia *


1200~1400 won *

100-won ~ 150-won


Hello World! *

Hello C language!

D.Ritchie *


Prevent programmer mistakes.

Trust the programmer *


Often played main hero with average clothes

Never played main hero with awesome clothes *

You’re just very skilled!

Player’s mentality stats have increased by +10. *

Ask a hacker to help!

Take part in the Costume Contest! *



Bezel *

Minute hand 24 times, hour hand 12 times.

Minute hand 24 times, hour hand 2 times. *


Brothertine Chapel

Sistine Chapel *

The Statue of David

Pieta! *

The Last Judgement *

The Creation of Eve


3 minutes *

30 minutes

Pizza Cheese *


You shouldn’t do more or less time, even by a minute!

Cook meals how you like it should be done *


(Sorry I forgot the other answer because I forgot to take a screenshot of the answers T_T)

Three moles behind the ears of Rudolph. *

Because no one would notice even if stained with blood

It’s the color you like. *


Drone *

Water Rocket

Wireless Earphones *

Bluetooth Earphones


Until when are you going to live in internet cafes.

You can enjoy a luxurious buffet if you come… *

Researcher of Residential Environments *


Quietly pass on a memo.



Chicken Breasts *

Pork Belly

Squats *


Treadmill *



O2 (This isn’t correct. Really it isn’t.)

H2O (It’s my favorite formula) *

KCN (The formula for potassium cyanide is KCN) *

HCN (This isn’t the correct answer…)

Vault (Take a guess)

Behind [MC]’s back (Which do you think is correct?) *


Shoot a bat shaped light to the sky *

Apply for the internet.

Because another installer wore a SuperPerson costume.

Because it lets you work late in the dark midst of night. *


Robinboy *


Afro Hair *

His current hairstyle is awesome!


Everyone will enjoy Indian curry! *

Japanese curry is the best!

Lassi will be prepared.

Or course, we have masala! *

I love vindaloo curry TT! *

I love korma curry!


No such thing as aliens

Did you meet something like the Saint Dogs!? *

Nothing but the flesh of an astronaut. *

They won’t eat anything but dog bones.

Saint Cat

The satellite was the weakness! *


. – – – –  . – – – –  . – – – –  . – – – – *

. – – – –  . . – – –  . . . . – – – –

– .  – – – *

– . – –  .  . . .  . – . – . –


… *

My name is [MC]!


….. *


…. *


Caramel popcorn flavored ice cream

How about rice flavored ice cream? *

Coffee! *

How about coke?


To be continued…

Mystic Messenger: V Another Story – Chatroom and Participants

The long awaited Mystic Messenger’s new route for V is finally up few days ago. Here’s a clue about the route’s chatroom time and its participants. Please note that I haven’t finished playing the route yet so this guide is incomplete. I will update this post as I’m progressing through the game.

Update: I’ve finished this route normal and good ending, so I will continue to the bad endings and I will update if there’s different chatroom for the bad ending.


Time Chatroom + Participants
00:00 New Face!
Yoosung, Zen
02:12 Jaehee’s Doubt
06:30 The Open Sea Between 0 and 1
08:26 Cats and Dogs
Zen, Jumin
11:49 Importance of Meals
Jaehee, Yoosung
14:08 Zen’s Consideration
Zen, Ray
16:33 Dear Party Coordinator
18:17 I need healing time
707, Jumin
20:02 Subject of Interest
Zen, Jaehee
21:34 Richness in Wine
23:25 Intriguing Person
Story Mode


Time Chatroom + Participants
01:19 Expectation and Uneasiness
Yoosung, Jaehee
Story Mode: V
02:44 Night of Reminiscence
Jumin, V
07:50 Unexpected Visit
Story Mode: 707
09:37 The Act of Hacking God
707, Jaehee
12:00 Lots I Want To Do Together
Story Mode: V
13:57 V’s Decision
Story Mode: V
15:24 Recommendation of Trust
Jumin, Yoosung
Story Mode: Yoosung
18:26 The Universe and the Sun
707, V
Story Mode: V
20:13 Party at Saturn?
Jaehee, Jumin, Zen
22:38 Congrats


Time Chatroom + Participants
00:31 Under The Shimmering
Zen, V
Story Mode: V
02:46 Paradox of the Survival of the
07:00 Take Care of Your Health
707, Jumin
09:13 Back in the Days
Zen, Jaehee
12:22 My Best Friend
Story Mode: Jumin Han
14:09 Small Cute Adorable
707, Jaehee
16:32 Precious Friend
V, Jumin
18:24 Explosion of Emotions
Yoosung, Zen
Story Mode: Yoosung
20:11 Reason Behind the Curiosity
Story Mode
21:49 Powder of the Coordinator!
707, V
23:07 Another Level of Salvation
Jaehee, Yoosung
Story Mode


Time Chatroom + Participants
00:16 I Keep Thinking of You
02:34 What’s Wrong?
707, Zen
Story Mode: 707
08:15 All-Nighter
Jaehee, Yoosung
Story Mode: V
10:22 Understanding and Respect
V, Jumin
12:00 I Really Want to See You
Story Mode: Jumin Han
14:41 Portrait of the Youthful Days
Yoosung, Jumin
Story Mode: 707
17:36 An Afternoon of Anxiety
V, 707
Story Mode
18:42 Mask Made of Glass
Jaehee, 707
20:10 Zen’s Worrisome Looks
Zen, Yoosung
21:53 Nice
Story Mode
22:49 What I Want to Say
Game Branch
Story Mode: V


Time Chatroom + Participants
00:03 Truth Revealed
Story Mode
02:00 Data Filled with Riddles
707, V
Story Mode
07:30 Trust
Zen, Jumin
Story Mode
10:52 V’s Insecurity
Story Mode
12:47 Lies and Two People
Yoosung, Zen
15:11 Malice and Hypocrisy
Jaehee, Jumin
Story Mode: V
17:59 Seven’s Plea
Story Mode
19:36 Zen’s View
Zen, V, Yoosung
Story Mode: V
21:00 How We Take in Sadness
Yoosung, Jaehee
Story Mode: V
22:22 Secrets Revealed
Story Mode: V
23:48 Finishing Up On a Stormy
Jumin, Zen
Story Mode


Time Chatroom + Participants
01:17 707 Cyber News
707, Jaehee
02:43 V’s Concerns
Story Mode: V
07:55 Changes Jumin Sees
Jumin, Jaehee
10:24 Don’t Want to be Hated
12:33 Need Some Fresh Air
707, Yoosung
Story Mode: Jaehee Kang
14:42 Passion Red
Jaehee, Zen
Story Mode
16:19 Yoosung’s Heaven
Yoosung, Jumin
Story Mode: 707
18:23 Heading Towards 2020
Zen, 707
Story Mode: V
20:00 Doubtful Family
Jaehee, Yoosung
Story Mode
22:02 His Idea of Family
Jumin, V
Story Mode: 707
23:11 What Happened to V!?!
V, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin
Story Mode


Time Chatroom + Participants
01:20 Shocking Truth
Zen, 707, Yoosung
02:32 Jumin Helplessness and…
Story Mode: Jumin Han
06:55 C&R Intelligence Unit
Story Mode: V
08:46 Staying Calm
Zen, Yoosung
Story Mode
11:51 Provocation
Jumin, 707
Story Mode
13:16 One’s Own Reasons
Jaehee, Yoosung
Story Mode: V
15:38 Miss You, I Feel Lonely
Ray, Yoosung
Story Mode: V
17:45 His Heart
707, Zen
19:24 How to Cope with Risks
Jumin, Yoosung, Zen
Story Mode
21:39 Coming This Way!
Story Mode
23:11 Before Charging In!
Jaehee, 707
Game Branch
Story Mode

Day 8

Time Chatroom + Participants
00:44 Seven’s Status Report
707, Yoosung
Story Mode
01:59 Emergency In RFA
Jumin, Zen, Jaehee, 707, Ray
Story Mode
07:13 Suspicious Chat Room
V, Ray
09:27 Conciliation Towards Seven
707, Rika
Story Mode
11:00 How Did We End Up Like This?
Story Mode: V
13:07 The Demon You Created
15:21 I’m Worried of You
Ray, 707
17:32 It’s All My Fault
V, 707
Story Mode: 707
19:02 Failure
20:21 Don’t Want to be Abandoned
Ray, Rika
22:00 Opposition and Debacle
V, Rika
Story Mode: V
23:16 Pass the Baton
Ray, 707


Time Chatroom + Participants
00:56 Seduction of the Moon
Story Mode: 707
02:43 I Can Make You Have More
Story Mode: 707
06:21 Stop It
Story Mode: V
09:04 Third Person Perspective
Story Mode: 707
12:07 Rika’s Feeling
Story Mode: V
14:11 Reason Trying to Stop Her
Story Mode
16:39 You Changed Me
Story Mode: 707
18:35 Seven’s Persuasion
707, Ray
Story Mode: 707
20:12 Winner Seven!!!
21:49 I Missed You All
Story Mode: 707
23:24 V Has Been Stabbed!
Ray, 707, Zen, Yoosung
Game Branch
Story Mode

DAY 10

Time Chatroom + Participants
00:46 I Want to Talk to You
Story Mode: 707
02:32 See You Soon
Story Mode: Jumin Han
06:21 Triangle?
Yoosung, 707
Story Mode
08:38 Her Thoughts
Rika, Jaehee
Story Mode: Jumin Han
11:51 Zen Worrying Over Yoosung
Zen, Yoosung
14:05 Yoosung’s True Feelings
Zen, Rika
Story Mode: Yoosung
16:12 Tattered
Zen, 707
Story Mode: V
18:00 I Want You to Be Happy
19:49 Save Me
Jumin, Rika
21:53 My Defeat
Jaehee, 707, Ray
Story Mode: V
Game Branch
23:59 Goodbye
Rika, V
Story Mode: 707

DAY 11

Time Chatroom + Participants
08:00 The Ruins
Jumin, Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee
12:00 Party Start

Dunkirk (2017)

“What do you see?” | “Home.”


Dunkirk is a 2017 war film distributed by Warner Bros Pictures and directed by Christopher Nolan. Set in 1940s during the World War II, the movie told a story of Dunkirk evacuation. After Nazi invaded France, thousands of British soldiers retreated to the seaside city of Dunkirk, waiting for evacuation. The movie’s narrative covers three different periods of time. The beginning occurs on land and covering one week, then on sea covering one day, and the last occurs on the air covering one hour.

In my opinion, this movie is another masterpiece from Nolan. The movie was intense and breathtaking from the start. Even with so little dialogue, viewers are still drawn into the movie thanks to the combination of amazing cinematography, great scoring, and the acting of the casts.

But if you see the movie from the story development perspective, it might seem quite flat, because the whole movie itself is already the climax of the event. So it felt like everything happened so fast from the beginning. I really like how few scenes were repeated, but shot from different perspective. It was like the movie is a messed up puzzle and those scenes completed the missing pieces.

I’m not a fan of war movies, but I can’t deny that this movie was a great one. I even find myself enjoying every bit of it. So I think this movie deserves to be nominated for Oscar.

Mystic Messenger: DEEP STORY – Chatroom + Participants DAY 2 – 4

This page is intended as guide for Mystic Messenger’s chatroom time and participants. This guide is completely SPOILER FREE!

Day 1 (Prologue) | Day 2 – 4 (Casual Story) | Day 2 – 4 (Deep Story)

Zen Route | Yoosung Route | Jaehee Route | Jumin Route | 707 Route


Time  Chatroom + Participants 
00:30 We are having a party again!
Yoosung, 707
02:11 Expressing emotion
Visual Novel Mode
06:55 Cat business
Zen, Jaehee
09:22 Answer me!
11:50 Rich people
Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin
14:12 How’s my life?
15:58 Bickering
Jaehee, Zen, Jumin
18:10 Tsk tsk
19:56 Be honest!
707, Jumin
22:00 Romance expert
23:22 Jumin… Are you…
Jaehee, Yoosung


Time  Chatroom + Participants
00:55 Stop playing game…
02:59 Zorro poster
Jaehee, Jumin
07:46 Stayed overnight T_T
09:58 Love records of RFA
12:02 Lunch
707, Jumin
13:59 Honey Buddha Chip
Yoosung, Jaehee
15:15 Their life
Zen, Jumin
17:00 Tell me, Seven!
707, Yoosung
18:59 Mission Honey Buddha
Zen, 707
20:01 About the party
V, Jumin
22:14 Something in common


Time  Chatroom + Participants
00:01 Stay healthy!
Visual Novel Mode
02:22 Real master
08:45 Gossip article
Zen, Jaehee
11:45 Unknown fact
Yoosung, Jumin
13:10 Religion
707, Jaehee
15:15 Zen’s imagination
17:07 Hacker is dangerous
18:30 Yoosung’s life mission
Yoosung, Jaehee
20:02 Been to the grape farm
707, Jumin
21:21 Good cat business
Jumin, Zen
23:15 Party date
707, V
Visual Novel Mode

Nagi no Asukara (2013)

Would you choose friendship over love?


Title: Nagi no Asukara (凪のあすから)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life

Studio: P. A. Works

Number of Episode(s): 26


  • lull ~Soshite Bokura wa~ by Ray (1st Opening)
  • Ebb and Flow by Ray (2nd Opening)
  • Aqua Terrarium by Yanagi Nagi (1st Ending)
  • Mitsuba no Musubime by Yanagi Nagi (2nd Ending)


Manaka, Hikari, Chisaki and Kaname were 14 years old middle school students from the sea village Shioshishio. They had to go to Mihama Junior High on the surface since their old school has been closed down. At first, they did not get along very well with their classmates because of the fundamental separation between the sea and land people. But soon after they joined Tsumugu to build the Ojoshi-sama for Ofunehiki festival, they started to overcome their differences and worked together with the rest of the class. But the problem was not only how they adjust to the completely new environment, they also had to deal with their complicated feelings toward each other which they feared would ruin their friendship.

Then there was a bigger problem, the salt-flake snow which was supposed to fall only on the sea, started to fall on the surface. This occurrence was predicted to bring disaster to humankind as the surface will become very cold so the land people would die because they could not stand the cold while the sea people would be hibernating until the salt-flake snow stopped falling. It was believed that it happened because the Sea God lost some of his power so he became weak.

As the situation became more serious, they decided to hold the real Ofunehiki festival with expectation that it would help the Sea God restores his power and the disaster could be avoided. But the festival itself was a disaster. There was a terrible storm just when the group arrived in the middle of the sea. Manaka ended up became the Ojoshi-sama, the offering to the Sea God instead of Hikari’s sister. Hikari who failed to save Manaka, could not make it to the surface and gone in the middle of the storm. Kaname also fell to the sea after helping Chisaki saved Tsumugu. Chisaki, being the one left on the surface, could not go back to Shioshishio as the sea people already started hibernating and all access to Shioshishio has been blocked to protect the villagers. She ended up live with Tsumugu and his grandfather because she did not have anywhere to go on the surface.

Five years later, the story continued. While Chisaki and Tsumugu has grown up as a college student, Hikari, Kaname, and Manaka did not age at all because of the hibernation. The salt-flake snow is still falling on the surface too. Once again, they had to deal with their complicated feelings toward each other which was not resolved yet and the disastrous Ofunehiki festival which gonna be held again to finish what they started five years ago.


Personally, this is my favorite anime of the respected season besides Kyoukai no Kanata. Because I really like it, I watched all of the episodes in one day. I was totally lacking in sleep but it was worth the watch. In my opinion, this anime is very well made in all components. The soundtracks fit perfectly with the anime.

For the art, it is amazingly detailed, from the environment until the character design. What I love most from the anime is the psychological development of each character of the anime. They successfully deliver complex and deep character so throughout the series we are drawn to fully understand each characters and their feelings.

And for the story, I must say that it is indeed very beautiful and touching tale of friendship and love. It can bring you into tears and smile at the same time. We can really feel the character’s emotion as the story progresses. One thing that’s bugging me is I didn’t really satisfied with the ending, in my opinion it’s kinda rushed and it could be better than that. But it doesn’t really matter, the happy ending is still delivered nicely. Even though the plot is kinda slow at the beginning, it’s still worth the watch. Very recommended!