The Author

A girl who enjoy to spend most of her time in front of the computer.

Occasionally writing fan fiction of her favorite anime or visual novel. Often goes to the theater to watch movies and tried hard to write a review but only half of what she watched are actually got reviewed.

An idealist with a bit of realist, who hopes to have a romantic relationship like in a manga but at the same time realize the ugly truth that fiction will never become reality.

Has a very long list of what to read and watch so that 24 hour a day would never be enough. To the point that she often chose to sacrifice her sleep time only to regret it in the moment she wakes up the next morning (or afternoon).

She’s not easily addicted to something, but once she’s drown into some fandoms, it would be impossible to make her stop.

She likes to go into deep and detail research of something that interests her, whatever it is. The internet is her best friend.

If you think you have a lot of something in common with her, just leave a message. She would love to make new friends who has the same weirdness as her. Or if you still unsure whether she would make a good friend for you, also just leave a message. You might regret it, or might be not 😉

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