Mystic Messenger: Another Story – Ray/Saeran Route Good Ending Guide DAY 10

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(*) is an answer related to guest email, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.


DAY 10

01:46 – Want to Think Positively

I missed you – !

I could come back thanks to him… I owe him one.

He helped me not to lose faith.

I’ve heard almost nothing about Seven… Is he doing okay?

I’m sure he has a thousand things to worry about, even with me excluded…

I don’t think he’ll ever hurt someone precious to him.

I’m so worried…. I hope they’ll realize that he’s innocent….

Seven! It’s been so long. How are you?

Did someone get you?

I think he’s in trouble!

Go! Now!

03:18 – Thought it was a joke

Something must be wrong with him… I’m so worried!

Don’t you think we should track down his whereabouts…?

Perhaps his life was much more perilous than we’d thought. He must have been lonely….

Did you hear from Seven?

Please tell us if you managed to reach Seven…

You should get over to his place!

V, don’t you think things have gotten way out of your hands?

V… Can’t you trust that the RFA is strong enough to embrace Seven’s secrets?

Seven…has a good reason why.

V, you’re the only one who can explain to us about Seven’s secrets. And you’re the only one who can move everyone to save Seven!

Have faith in yourself!

V…we don’t have time to suspect Seven! We should work together to save him!

Seven has a tragic story… He’s not a bad guy.

V… Saeran is changing. You can change too.

…I’ll tell you later. Please give me some more time.

I’m so worried Seven’s life might be in danger….

But if you keep secrets to yourself and try to do this on your own, more dangers will follow…

I’m so worried about him… What if he gets hurt?

Zen, you’re so understanding. I’m sure the rest of the RFA will trust V.

That’s not true. It’s not like you can see the future.

I want to know why you would think this is all your fault…

Definition of love is not uniform. Realizing and providing the degree and type of love as exactly as a person wants is possible only in dreams.

You’re so mature, Zen.

V, you should embrace your own limit. You should love your limit.

V… Please be the representative faithfully in the lead.

Please come back as soon as you can. Seven might get in trouble…

I see you’ve made yourself very trustworthy, V.

Thank you for staying and giving us a very long talk. You should now rest.

If you’re worried, why don’t you talk to Jumin? He’s your friend.

Thanks, Zen. Have a good rest.

V, don’t let your guilt grip you and be strong! I wish you luck!

True. As it’s love that makes us grow by experiencing differences and arguments.

Don’t you think she wanted acceptance of herself just the way she is?

Now things call for a change, V. Everything is changing.

I’ll do that. V…please take care of Seven.

Story Mode: V

No option available.

06:21 – What happened last night

I’ll be so sad if something happens to Seven…


I see you can still log in…

…For now, I can’t tell you anything. This is for Saeran’s sake.

Unlike you, the RFA is being careful in order to minimize the damage.

I’d hate to see any more tragedy to those brothers.

I think you should administer him well, my savior. (I know this is not an appropriate answer. I was clicking the wrong answer accidentally but luckily this wrong answer didn’t influence the result.)

He has feelings for me.

Why is he in bed…? Is he sick?

…Please, stop abusing him!

I won’t let you use me so easily.

Do you think you can find peace through such a forceful method…?

I did. V is feeling guilty for you. He feels guilty that he couldn’t give you the love you needed….

Rika, you wouldn’t have to prove how strong you are to anyone, if only you accept and embrace yourself the way you are.

Can’t I see him…?

…Please don’t hurt Saeran.

Story Mode: Saeran

No option available.

08:36 – I’ll Tell Everything

It was… Could you please tell the intelligence unit about it?

It’s a good thing you could log in again.

Yes. I feel bad for V… It must have been so hard for him.

It’s okay for him to be more honest. I hope he’ll find courage to do so.

V, have you heard anything about Seven?

I’m so worried… Now I really hope he’s safe…!

V, you can save Seven. Please take courage…

Because public power is not part of this. This is something personal…

!! Really?

We can save everyone! Although we’ll need extreme luck – !!

Yoosung… Let me join you! Let’s share the weight of this secret!

Tell us now, V. We don’t have much time.

Is that job even legal?

Get ready for some heart attack, Yoosung…

Yoosung, please don’t freak out!!

Yes, he has a younger brother.

He’s really good with computers… And he’s none other than….

So the prime minister is not what he looks like…

They’re twins. Which is why….the younger one could end up in trouble too.

Yes…though the prime minister didn’t get his hands on the brother yet.

Yes. He needs protection…more than ever.

…He’s been brainwashed to hate the RFA… And he’s been manipulated.

It was something you couldn’t handle entirely.

At first I thought this was nothing but a game, but now I’m trying to deliver the truth to the RFA.

At first, yes. But now I’m doing that to protect Seven’s brother and the RFA.

Yes… But the point is that I’m fine.

There’s only one hacker… And he was met with trauma strong enough to split his persona into two.

So that’s why you asked Jumin for the intelligence unit. You wanted to prevent the brothers from fighting each other…

Of course he does. But anger won’t solve anything.

This is all heartbreaking, but now you must face the truth…

About the person who used Seven’s brother?

I’m glad V mustered the courage to tell us the truth.

That’s right… It must have been creepy.

But I’m sure there was nothing he could get from them…

His brother is in danger too…


Now both V and the RFA will confront the truth, Rika….

Saeran might be in danger too…!

RFA would never find themselves at this place.

Is he suffering a lot…?

11:49 – Best Present

Yoosung, anything new?

That doesn’t sound so bad, but I think it’s kind of dangerous….

I think that’s the only way we can stop the prime minister…

Revealing the Mint Eye isn’t our focus. Rather, it’s on revealing what the prime minister has committed…

Are you saying it doesn’t matter how evil he is, as long as he’s powerful?

Is Saeran safe…?

Rika, you’re not Saeran’s guardian.

Look at how you make Saeran tremble in fear! If you continue, he’ll be destroyed!

Exploiting an abandoned person’s wound to control him is like stabbing where he’s already been stabbed.

That’s what you think. Those who can’t stand on their own might live with insecurities, not peace.

Please, stop hurting Saeran…

Story Mode: Saeran

No option available.

13:56 – Unexplainable Situation

I can’t imagine how shocked you are….

I think there was a misunderstanding…

The hacker’s been deeply hurt by manipulation. From now on, I’ll do my best to help them reconcile.

…I agree.

It is shocking… I must admit we must never judge books by their covers.

My heart is in pain whenever I think of those twins…

I actually have a huge secret of my own.

Anything new about Seven’s whereabouts?

Can’t we visit his house? We can at least run an investigation there, can’t we?

Zen and Yoosung might be able to find something.

I can’t imagine what Seven has been going through in his life….

That’s right… He’s in bed right now. He’s sick.

I’ll let you know if there’s anything new.

When is Jumin coming back?

Grave is Jumin’s absence..

I find the timing rather suspicious….

I hope this will all pass….

I think you’d lose more than you’d gain.

What is V doing right now?

I hope he doesn’t get hurt….

Please let us know once Jumin calls you.

Now I’m okay. I’m more worried about Seven and his brother…

Yes… I’m sure he’ll be safe.

Of course. I’ll stay positive! Now run along.

16:13 – Return of Jumin

Jumin! Is your interview over?

I’m glad you’re safe, Jumin. Now we could use your judgement.

I think he wanted to tell you to never go back there…

But now we all know Seven is the prime minister’s illegitimate son, and he’s been kidnapped!

Congrats. You finished it.

We need to fight. To properly fight him, we need an effective move. With no mistake in the whole process.

Because he wants to gain additional information on Seven…?

I can help you with that… But I think we need to be careful. We shouldn’t talk too much on the messenger.

I wish he wouldn’t have to be a hacker anymore, but…. I agree with you, Jumin.

If I let my heart talk to him…his heart will answer ours.

I will.

I can’t guarantee when. Things aren’t really going well here… But I’ll keep you posted.

I’m sure he’ll take it…

But emotions might be able to save someone.

I’ll do my best. For everyone.

His hatred will be gone…once freedom finds his heart. Because he’s naturally a good person.

Wish me luck!

Game Branch

(From this point onward, it doesn’t matter which answer you choose because you’re already on the path of Normal/Good Ending. The ending will solely influenced by how many guests you managed to invite. I’m just putting my answers here as a reference.)

Story Mode: Saeran


Is it okay to escape like this?

I already forgave you. I understand what you’ve suffered…


Congratulations on discovering the real you. Now Ray… Saeran… You’re no longer a tool.

Umm… You do know that Luciel is missing, don’t you?

18:37 – Please Tell

This isn’t the most perfect time to do that! Give us some more time!

We’re both on the move, but we’re okay… Both of us are okay.

That’s so very like Jumin…

I hope to meet everyone soon.

He’s with me right now. What would you like to know?

His name is Saeran Choi. It’s a beautiful name, isn’t it?

It’s because of misunderstanding and brainwashing… He has a heartbreaking story.

Back then you were busy looking after Luciel who became an informant, weren’t you?

I think that person personally thinks it was a right thing to do.

What are those files about? I think I should know too.

What would happen…if those files are unleashed?

It’s worrisome but… it’s more credible than revealing his illegitimate sons.

Please let the rest of the RFA take a look!

Could it be…that the prime minister noticed that Luciel is researching about him?

No more being guilty! Let’s focus on our problem.

Once we reach someplace safe, and once Saeran is ready, I’ll ask him to reply…!

Please trust him.

V… You sound like you’re leavinf far away.

Please take care! All the time!

Story Mode: Saeran

Saeran, could you please take a look at the messenger?

What will you do about Luciel?

What do you wish would happen to him?

I think you’re right.

20:22 – Contact

Yes. Right now we’re moving to someplace safe.

Tht’s what I’m wondering too. Don’t you think it also starts with ‘S’?

You can also be Yoo d’Arc!

Let’s believe that we’ll soon see a happy ending.

I think for now we should keep our minds away from scenes from movies.

Let’s not think about bad things…

I think we should find Seven asap.

I’ll try calling him.

A little louder –

Saeran… Thank you for doing me a favor.

I think you’re greeting him a little fervently^^…

You’ll be friends if you get to know him little by little.

That was a perfect summary…

Relax…. Saeran is not a scary person.

That’s considerate of you…

…..He already knows everything discussed on the messenger.

I think that’ll be better.

He’s contacting the unit to save time.

It’s never too late to get to know him – !

Take your time. And we have more important matter at hand.

That was brief, but what’s important is that we had a conversation!

Will do!

I’ll say. You should come over to Yoosung’s place for once, Zen!

So are you going to be the one coming over today, Zen?

Ok! Please wish Saeran and the unit luck!

Is he really the first guest for you?

I will…!

I’ll tell Saeran that you gave kudos!

Good luck with your discussion!

Story Mode: Saeran

(Hold his hand.)

21:39 – Unfolding Clues

Yes! Now Saeran is working with the unit!

I hope we can find Seven soon.

It was for Saeran’s happiness.

Genius, isn’t he?

I hope this bread crumble won’t be lost in the middle…

That’s because….Saeran’s hatred was forced by someone else.

I wish you could see how different Saeran is, V. Why don’t you join the unit? Let’s have a video chat!

Are you…visiting where I used to be?

Please tell me you’ll soon find peace of your own heart, V…

You’re leaving?

Where are you going?

Wish us luck!

Looks like I’m not the only one who felt that.

His progress is marvelous!

Is that…where Luciel is from…?

Uh… wouldn’t it be where Saeran’s from? Since his father abducted him, he’ll know the place.

What’s wrong?

I hope we can find Seven soon…! Let’s stay focused!

Story Mode: V

No option available.

23:48 – Only One Way

At the kitchen. It looked like you didn’t eat anything for a while…


Isn’t that place…where your trauma came from?

You should take a break in between…! Are you feeling okay?

We found where Seven might be…though we can’t guarantee he’s there.

We ned to get a grip at a time like this!

I think Saeran has a plan.

Zen…. The entire country would get to see your face. Are you okay with that?

Are you sure you’re okay with this?

Is there really no other way to do this in the usual way…?

Saeran, don’t say that like it’s nothing. It’s scary…

I’m worried about the plan backfiring….

And I’ll make sure there will be peace at the RFA – !

We are in a hurry…

Okay. I’ll be there soon.

He’s so tender-hearted.

Please be good friends for Saeran.

You’re worried your face will get swollen with alcohol…?

Ok! Take care of yourself!

Are you going to sacrifice yourself for the greater good?

Thanks for your help – !

I’m a little worried about V… Something doesn’t feel quite right.

Yes. Let’s cheer up for tomorrow!



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