Mystic Messenger: Another Story – Ray/Saeran Route Good Ending Guide DAY 9

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01:29 – Don’t you want to try this?

The savior is the same person as ‘Rika’, isn’t she? The one who supposedly committed suicide?

You should eat well…. You’re so thin.

She said you need me…. She said you must have someone weaker with you.

Can’t you tell me what’s happening at the RFA…?

The RFA will not leave me here like this.

It’s only because Luciel is in trouble. They won’t surrender.

The RFA will never be part of the Mint Eye.

I know that Ray is still in there.

Story Mode: Saeran

You’re not Ray.

(Do as he says.)


What’s wrong?

Ray, it’s me..! [MC]! What happened to you?

Ray… You’re back, aren’t you?

It wasn’t you, Ray. It was Saeran… Are you back now?

You’re not weak. You’re the kindest person I have ever met…! Please don’t go….

03:37 – What have you done to me?


But you were Ray back then…!

Saeran, don’t be scared… Everything will be alright.

Saeran, you’re just trying to protect yourself. I know it…!

I’m not the reason why you’re suffering right now… You’re tormenting yourself.

06:18 – Self-inflicted

Is Saeran alright…?

Saeran’s trauma is so deep… As deep as Ray’s trauma…

Saeran might look strong, but it seems he’d fall apart any moment…

…What will happen to Saeran?

Are you also afraid of me? Is that why you want to get rid of me?

Your darkness is much stronger than Saeran’s…

Story Mode: V

(Open the door.)


It’s Saeran. Ray’s second persona. He’s the one tormenting me.

Do you know a way to bring back Ray?


So you mean Rika is the savior…?

Was that really the best?

V, don’t let your love cloud your judgement of justice!

How come? Is there something wrong?

Wait…are you talking about the prime minister?

Illegitimate sons…?

Do you really know nothing about how to bring back Ray? Any clue by any chance?

09:11 – Now Alone

…Do you feel better now?


Will you be alright…even if I’m not here anymore?

She’s probably afraid that you’ll start to fall apart again if you see me there….

The world can change whenever I want it to, depending on how I look at it…

But if you won’t get to see me anymore very soon…why would you tell me all of this now?

I’m not a loner.

Everyone here pretends to be okay… But it looks like they’re all shivering in fear…

Saeran, please calm down….

Maybe you’re not torturing me… Maybe you’re torturing yourself.

Story Mode

No option available.

12:16 – Don’t Need You Anymore

Why did you create the RFA?

Rika, I also think you’re full of potentials. If only you have stayed on the right path…

Can you help Saeran…to be one day secure enough even without hurting other people?


Both of us are trying to truly protect Saeran…

Then what’s your definition of true love?

Ray has become stronger in the warm embrace of love… You’re the one who decided that is weak.

…This isn’t the end of it.

Story Mode: Saeran

No option available.

14:31 – How Does It Feel?

I miss you…

I miss both of you… You and Ray….

Saeran, you sound a little different.

That’s not a true honor… She said so that she can continue to manipulate you.

Ray is still in there, isn’t he…?

You’re tormenting others because you’re afraid someone will torment you… Isn’t that right?

What do you remember about Ray?

He was such a pure person who was fond of flowers. He was truly fond of me…

Things would’ve been different….if Ray realized how precious a person he is.

Do you feel nervous unless you keep telling yourself that you’re strong…?

Saeran, you don’t sound well… Are you alright?

Please calm down, Saeran….

Game Branch

Story Mode: Saeran

No option available.

16:56 – Get Right Into It!

Is the savior going to be here soon?

Saeran, could you tell me what’s going on…?

Is RFA in a crisis…?

Did something happen at the RFA…?

Saeran… Is it because you don’t want to lose me?

I don’t think she’ll change her mind….

Saeran, are you not feeling well?


Saeran will never be happy by your side.

Story Mode: Saeran

Alright… Calm down.

Saeran, please. That’s enough! You’ll just hurt yourself!

Please don’t hurt me….

But to me, it seems you’re falling apart from within….

…You’re strong, Saeran. You don’t have to torture someone to prove that.

17:39 – It’s Not Too Late

Where is Saeran?

Didn’t you say I won’t be able to influence Saeran, no matter what I run into?

I didn’t want to manipulate him… I was only trying to help him.

I won’t manipulate Saeran or Ray.

You say it’s love, but it”s nothing but manipulating people with conditions as you’d like.

I won’t give up on him, either.

I’ll help him to defeat his demon of doubt. Deep down inside he truly longs for unconditional love.

You’re the one who rendered this place a heartless, heartbreaking place full of suffering. Is this really a paradise?

Stop manipulating him. You cannot possess and forge a human being.

Now you’re trying to manipulate me…

…I hope he wouldn’t suffer anymore.

Story Mode: Saeran

No option available.

19:47 – Empty Shell

Saeran, are you alright?

Are you feeling sick…? I’m so worried about you.

I see you’ve had such a hard time until now….

Saeran… Can’t we start over from the beginning?

You can start again whenever you want to. I’ll help you.

Because I like you, as much as I like Ray…

Of course you can… You’re free to choose that.

Weak and strong? Why don’t you yourself come up with a new definition of weak and strong?

If we decide to think differently, even a weed will be a beautiful flower for us.

21:31 – An Okay Suggestion

He threw up the drug. I think now he’s regained the power to think for himself.

….I think he’s slowly breaking away from your boundaries and opening his eyes to the truth.

…I see.

You’re going to capture him by force.

I can’t do that. I know what he wants….

Rika, you don’t happen to enjoy this, do you?

I hope…such circle will no longer make Saeran suffer.

Story Mode: Saeran


What happened?

I thought that you were being mean to me because you were terribly wounded in the past.

But even if you said those cruel words, you were the one to get hurt.

Whoever you are…I hope you stay strong.

Saeran, wait!

23:13 – Are You Okay?


Please tell Luciel and the unit about me!

What interview?

….I can’t tell you what happened, but I think now things will be better.

Yes, I am!

Zen! Is everyone alright?

I can’t tell you yet. Please give me some time.

That’s okay. You were caring for me!

Seven’s absent?

You’ve done so well, Jaehee.

Show me!

I’m so glad I’m back.

What shampoo do you use?

Thank you for your concerns…. I think I could come back thanks to you all.

I just hope he’s not sick or something….

Yes, please do. I wish I could talk to him all bright and cheery.

Bye, Jaehee.

I could come back because everyone cared for me. I’m glad there’s no huge trouble with the RFA.

I’m a little disappointed the party won’t be held. The guests would be disappointed.

You don’t get to run a giant company without guts like his.

…I’ll tell you everything soon. Please, go tell him I’m back.


Story Mode: 707

No option available.


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