Mystic Messenger: Another Story – Ray/Saeran Route Good Ending Guide DAY 8

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(*) is an answer related to guest email, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.



01:37 – Rapid Contact

….There’s something I’d like to discuss.

I might need some help now….

There’s something wrong with the chatroom.

I am scared… But I know Ray is in you. So I feel complicated.

That can put everyone in danger.

That’s because I have to keep my promise with Ray…

….Did you read what I’ve been writing so far?

Jaehee…. Please stay alert for the worst….

Wow…what’s it about?

But right now we have more important matter at hand.

But this commendation is so sudden…. I think there’s something personal behind this.

I’m sure he’ll do well!

There is this particular person I’m passionate about.

I hope everyone has a safe night…

Story Mode: Saeran

No option available.

03:46 – What Should I Do With You?

Is there something wrong?

I wanted to talk to you some more.



I’m going to do what I must, no matter what the circumstances is.

Why would you torment me?

Can’t you tell me what’s going on outside this room?

You seem to be constantly seeking something to entertain you.

Don’t you think you want to look down on me so that you can stand more superior?

I feel like Ray is in your eyes….

Those words can’t hurt me.

Story Mode: Savior

What have you done to Ray!?

I believe he will be back.

Saeran has become different…and now it feels like he is dragging me to a trap.

07:21 – In My Opinion

Is there something wrong?

Why do you need that email?

He’s much more aggressive, isn’t he…?

They could be the same people….

I can feel his hatred of the RFA….

Please do your best to defend the messenger…

Welcome, Jumin.

I think it’s better to hold that off until the hacker issue is resolved.

I think we should respect V’s choice.

Please trust Seven a little more.

Pay taxes well, govern well, and that all helps the nation –

Why don’t we submit the list of personnel with Seven’s name omitted?

I’m guessing it’s related to the secret you share with V.

It is true that hacker is the more urgent issue. And Jumin, you should take greater care of the unit…

We will be holding parties, right?

Good idea! *

You should check them now, especially if V gave them to you…..

Don’t push yourself too hard!

You must be feeling awfully sorry.

True… I wish we could at least learn why we would go through sudden changes when they take place.

Be careful not to prick your finger!

09:03 – FINALLY!

Zen! Are you ready for rehearsal?

Now all you have to do is to go out there and show them what you’re made of!

You got him 100%! Awesome!

Yoosung, what are you doing?

What is he making?

So in the end, the person caught in rage would hurt themselves…..

I feel bad for the person suffering because of dual personality….

You must feel really lucky with Yoosung there.

It’s so good to see you two getting along.

I’m looking forward to your tomorrow, Zen!

Oh dear….

Zen, let’s show him that luck doesn’t matter. Show him with your rehearsal….

He’s cute.

Good luck!


There’s this someone I’d like to make a stew for….

Should I cut them into tiny slices?

What kind of oil should I use?

Why add tomatoes at the end?

There was this person who used to cook for me with love….

Ok. I’ll enjoy it with my beloved.


Story Mode: Yoosung

No option available.

11:16 – I Really Want to Know!

Did the stew taste good?

I think so…. You’ve done well.

Where are you?

I don’t think commendation is the issue right now….

V, I think you’re already trying to handle more than enough….

Let’s calm down… Let’s not fight at a time like this.

Is that the one….?

Yes, I will.


What??? How come?

Could….someone have framed you…?

Don’t be afraid…. I hope interrogation ends safe and sound….

Please call us as soon as it’s done!

Let’s hope he’s not.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

Story Mode: 707

No option available.

13:58 – Very Shocking

I hope a fair investigation will take place.

At least we should remain calm.

I wish he’d be free very soon.

I hope no innocent people are hurt….

How much more do you have to stitch?

Of course…. It’s heartbreaking to go through an unfair misfortune.

You’re leaving already?

I’d say it’s 96.74999654%!

I wonder why the prosecution service looked for Zen.

I hope he wouldn’t go through anything unfair.

I hope warm coffee can help you calm down…

Of course!

Story Mode: Zen

No option available.

16:04 – V’s Decision

I’m fine….

You mean Zen’s interrogation at the prosecution…?

Perhaps, not all the puzzle pieces are V’s…but something each individual must take responsibility of?

Are you going to cancel the party?

Is it okay to talk about secrets here?

You mean we’re not going to hold the party?

Hold off? You’re not going to cancel it?

But then won’t that affect the guests in a bad way?


Is there something else you need his help with?

You’re not at a dangerous place, are you?

Jaehee… The party’s now on a hold.

My introduction to the RFA itself is a secret….

Tell me about it,,, I hope he’s not caught in something dangerous….

He was also kind of cold in the chatroom… I’m worried.

Go now! I wish you the best….

Story Mode: Saeran

…I believe he’ll be back.

I think…you’re overly interpreting.

Ray…! Please save me!


No! Ray!

18:31 – Sorry. This is all my fault.

Zen! Is your interrogation over?

Since you’re talking about selfies, I’m guessing nothing big happened.

What happened to the rehearsal?

Maybe that’s one of the emergency features of the app. Everything going on in here is confidential, you know?


Did both of you read V’s message? That party is on a hold?

It was really a surprise… But I understand him.

There have been various reasons. Let’s not put someone at fault…

Is this true?

So what did you tell them?

I don’t think you’re a bad person… You have a good reason, right?

Are you sure you can do this alone?

It must be personal. Let’s give him some time…


Seven can manage himself. He’ll be fine…right?

It feels like things are getting more complicated….

Okay… I hope you don’t let your shock stay with you….

20:48 – Cornered

Jumin… It feels like the RFA is caught in the middle of the storm.

I’m worried. It looks like something’s wrong with Seven….

Do you think they’re also watching ‘me?’

Can you tell me what V asked you over the phone?

What’s the article about?

It would’ve been more helpful if he told us what it’s about….

What do you want to know about me?

I’m at a really…uhm…really safe place. It’s also hard to find. So no need to worry about me!

No one’s controlling me. I’m only staying here because I wish to see someone again….

That’s not what I’m doing. I do not wish to harm anyone.

The party was postponed because of the prosecution interrogation.

I don’t think I should leave this place… Not just yet…

Ray worked harder than anyone else…! He has never ruined things. Not even once.

The party isn’t canceled completely yet.

…I know Ray is still there in you.

My connection with the member was suddenly gone. You mean it’ll stay gone?

We shouldn’t let cruelty lead to another cruelty…

They must be worried about me… I’m worried.

….Do you want to see me 24/7?

But I don’t know what kind of smell it is.

22:14 – My Treasure

How’s everything going at the RFA?

Saeran, you can never be Ray…

Saeran and I are doing well…

Even if I remember, there will be nothing but heartache…. Because you’re not Ray.


Please stop pretending….

You think you can hurt me like this?


Story Mode: Saeran

No option available.

23:39 – Survival of the Fittest

Why won’t you come see me?

You cannot bend my heart, Saeran.

…What does she want to tell me?

Username ‘Rika…?’

Aren’t you the founder of the RFA…?


Are you V’s beloved woman and the founder of the RFA?

I think you have suffered a lot in the past….

Ray is a good person, better than anyone else… Anyone!

…That’s what I want to know.

Have it your way if you want to consider me a loser.

You believe innocence is weak. But that’s not true.


Story Mode: Saeran

No option available.


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