Mystic Messenger: Another Story – Ray/Saeran Route Good Ending Guide DAY 7

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(*) is an answer related to guest email, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Ps. I’m so sorry for the very late update, work’s been crazy for the past few months and I didn’t get time to write this since I was out of the city most of the time.



00:58 – To Become The Child Of


Zen, you’re practicing!

Yoosung, get a grip! And try again!!

Get a hold of yourself, Yoosung!

I think it’s going to be fun practicing on the messenger!

Yoosung….I’m sure this is your chance to grow.

Oh, are we getting started here?

But no one’s perfect.

Hey, he’s not joking – !

I’m not sure I understand what direction this conversation is taking….

Who said that?

Zen, you do realize we’re living in the 21st century, don’t you?

Sure. Let’s discuss the latest technology with him! *

Keep trying, and you’ll make it ^^…

You think that’s the case? ^^

Great idea lolol

This will be fun lololol

I think it’s going to work!

Your darkness within beckons you….

I’ll be waiting…!!

It’s an advanced body art that draws out dark aura through your spines.

Aren’t you excited? Lolol

I will in a few minutes!

Story Mode: 707

No option available

03:01 – At This Night


Don’t worry. You’re not going to have another boss lololol

For now, let’s trust him!

For what…?

What was the email about?

Anything new about the hacker?

I’m going to stay awake just a bit more. I don’t think I can sleep well tonight….

06:17 – Mr. Han

What’s the matter?

What is this?

Mr. Kim!

You should take a break from time to time –

Zen, show me what you can do! You’re a pro!

You have my applause, Yoosung.

This is getting interesting!

You should stay with him till the end if you’re there to help him – !

Bye bye.

It’s great that you’re enjoying your work…! I really hope that’s the case here as well….

Don’t worry.

Good luck to everyone!

Story Mode: V

No option available.

08:43 – Continuously Thinking

Ray, did you have a good morning?

About what happened back then….

That’s adorable!

Remember that we kissed the other day?

Of course I don’t hate you! I really like you!

Who told you that?

I miss you. Are you busy?

First let’s try to spend more time together.

Are you feeling alright?

Please stay positive, even if you’re having a hard time!

Story Mode: Ray

No option available.

12:03 – Cooperation

…What about you?

Did you have healthy lunch? ^^

Are you two together right now?

Any news from the hacker…?

Whoa, you actually got compliments from Seven!

Well done, Jaehee!

Because the hacker is so good…?

That would mean more work for the hacker….

Ok! I’d like to meet this knight of the light. *

Welcome, Mr. Kim!

<<It’s time to awaken your dark force!>>

Don’t tell me… Did you collect 1500 won?

Is it time for the game event…?

Have fun!

Great! You’re trying various methods!

That’s a good idea.


Good bye, Mr. Kim.

What about the remaining 20%?

Let’s invite her for the love of the world! Love the world! *

Enjoy your lunch, both of you.

Enjoy your lunch –

Ok with what?

I’m fine…Sorry I can’t tell you much.

Thanks for your concern.

14:44 – Art of Efficiency
Did you see how Yoosung imitated you?

I think he’ll have to be born gain, after being blessed with something like saving the world in this life.

Relax ^^ I think he’s trying to tick you off on purpose.

Do you think things would’ve turned out differently with definite strategy?

I think hard work consists 90% of success.

Wow….you’ve come this far already?

Oh, I knew it. you need strategic help from several people.

And Jaehee has been working late….

Now I’m starting to wonder why you won’t leave stitching part to someone else….

Wow! Why don’t we invite that person to the party? *

So your hobby is overall planning and stitching.

I do! The fundamental problem of your unsuccessful repetition of practice is none other than…..

We can’t do something like that. We weren’t born like you.

So what matters is the courage to actually do it!

Can you invest in someone smart?

But you can’t buy people’s hearts with money! What matters in acting is heart –

I think both of you have enough…

The balance of the world will stay only when you two look at the world in different views!

That’s right! That could be what gives birth to your artistic performance! You should carry on with your way!

Calm down, Zen – !

….You should try performing White in your current state!

How’s your stitching going?

There’s no point in throwing a fit, anyways.

I look forward to the completion.

16:27 – Power Save Mode Today

You don’t think there’s something wrong with the hacker, do you?

That’s not true! That can’t happen…!

That can’t be it…. I’m sure he’s safe.

Yoosung, are you still cosplaying?

I think Jumin helped him enough….

That was a pretty scary joke….

I can’t stop worrying about that hacker….

Seven, could you find out what happened to the hacker, whether something’s wrong with him…?

…I hope you’d save the hacker if he surrenders.

Maybe it was all misunderstanding that the hacker attacked us. We must find out what the truth is.

…..He’s innocent. And good. I’ll leave it at that.

I know. You have a good reason to suspect me. I’m trying to find peace in the middle…but it’s not easy.

Yes, I can see you wanna stay positive.

…I think V’s a good person. I think I can trust him.

Ps. Im sorry from this point until the end of this chatroom my saved game is crashed so I couldn’t see my answers and Cheritz told me to play the chatroom again to get it back 😦

18:31 – The Roots of Pathetic

Jaehee, have you heard anything about the hacker?

So you mean you won’t need the unit anymore once this trouble with the hacker is all taken care of?

Welcome, Jumin. Are you done with your stitching?

What did you think of?

Exactly how would you apply your realization to business?

I want to know what it is.

I’m starting to worry about the future of C&R….

What about insecurity…?

Maybe they feel insecure because they feel inferior to others. You know, they might be worried they’re not as good as others….

So you were basically running a business of yourself since childhood.

Nothing is truly wrong in this world… You actually understood that?

I think accepting even my imperfections is something really big.

That’s because they might suffer disadvantages if they show their imperfections.

They have no leisure…because they’re always working so hard. Is that correct?

Maybe…he does that so that people will keep telling him that he’s good-looking…?

Then again, there’s really no need for him to confirm whether he’s good-looking or not….

Perhaps a sense of insecurity is no different from a struggle to hide one’s trauma.

You’re right. Even if someone feels insecure, that sense of insecurity can actually drive a person to work much harder.

Don’t companies always aim for the best?

I think that depends on your definition of accomplished… But whatever it is, the fact remains that no one is perfect.

A world where we don’t have to try to win recognition…? I’m having a hard time imagining it….

So does this end with more work for you, Jaehee?

It was complicated, but thanks anyways.

I think he wants to make a team that does not drive people into competition but acknowledges each person as they are.

I wish I could live in a world like that!

Please tell me if you pick up anything new about the hacker. Please.

Story Mode

(Open the door.)

Yes, it’s mine.

Wait a minute! Have you seen Ray?

20:06 – Window of Truth

There’s nothing wrong with him, is there?

So are you coming over here?

Everything’s quiet here. But…I’m worried about the hacker….

Why would you find only troubles around you?

I’m sure it’s not entirely your fault.

Perhaps we need his advice right now.

I know you’re worried about me but… I think it’s best to admit what you can’t do and ask for help.

You should gaze at yourself, V.

Maybe you should give a call to Jumin.

Something’s fishy about him…. Maybe he’s hiding something.

Nobody’s perfect…. I think you need some time for yourself.

Good luck….

Good luck…

Story Mode: V

No option available.

21:43 – My True Identity Is

What’s wrong, Yoosung?

You’ll be an adult someday.

Is that you, Prince Seven…?

Why do you have no status?

An android…?

Maybe he’s being serious….

Why do you think they’re running special inspection all of a sudden?

Uh…V wanted me to tell you that!

What’s the matter? Is there something you’re hiding? Like a secret brother?

All of a sudden…?

I think he’s keeping a bunch of secrets just as well…

But the world will be a better place, right?

But I’m suspicious about the prime minister’s purpose…

He might throw a fit at you lol

23:59 – Strange

Have you heard nothing about the hacker yet?

Tremendously interested?

Something’s not right about this… We only had 2 parties so far.

That doesn’t apply to me as well, does it?

Is he back!?

Completely different person? Are you sure?

….The hacker is behaving like someone else…?

V…you’re coming, aren’t you? I have a bad feeling about this.

I’ll be waiting.

Story Mode

(Open the door.)

Ray…! I missed you so much!

Ray…? This isn’t like you.

You have the same body and face as Ray… But you mean you’re not Ray?

…This is not fair. Let go of me.


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