Mystic Messenger: Another Story – Ray/Saeran Route Good Ending Guide DAY 5

Hello! Good news to everyone!

Finally I finished Ray/Saeran route for both normal and good endings and will be able to create a guide on how to achieve the good ending. Stay tuned!

(*) is an answer related to guest email, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

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00:21 – Building of Dreams

I can’t go to sleep. There’s something bothering me….

But why are you still awake?

Hmm… I’m sure he has an important thing planned.

Whoa, whoa…. Let’s take it easy, Jumin.

Don’t you think this is perhaps your father’s method to train you in business?

I wish… I could give those oysters to this certain someone… I’m worried if he’s eating at all these days T_T

Phew, I’m glad it did!

How about doing group charity work for those in need? I think I’ve seen a lot of people in need lately…

A giant cat tower building?

Wow, it’s so pretty..!!

So a good motivation should derive from the heart, right?

Yes, I’m fine, V….

No, nothing.

You mean your peace-and-nature-loving future?

Because then more people would get to see it?

Jumin, when do you plan to get to bed?


But I need to know too.

Do we really have to identify who the hacker is?

…I think we should keep Seven away from either of the tasks.

V…is this really the best?

V, I think you’re working too hard… You must be feeling so complicated…

But I think you’re already good enough!

….At least I appreciate that you’re working so hard.

Is this related to the hacker?

I’ll see you again – !

I ended up here by pure coincidence… but I hope everyone would be happy.

I think I understand him… I can’t imagine what he’s going through.

I agree…. V seems to have a very strong sense of responsibility.

I should settle down now and go to sleep.

Story Mode: Ray

No option available.

02:44 – Poem of Dawn

There’s something that pains my heart….


Because he told you not to chase the hacker?

Can’t wait to hear it!

ON – and ON – and ON – and ON –

Don’t be sad… I’m sure he has a good reason why.

I don’t know… I can’t tell you why, but I don’t think you should chase that hacker….

I wish V would tell you everything… It feels like things just can’t be more complicated.


…Why is my heart breaking at this situation?

I wish she could write this complicated situation into poems… Sure, let’s invite her…. *

Please stay the way you are, always bright and cheerful.

Bye –

06:03 – Regrets

I was so worried you disappeared in such a hurry… Are you alright now?

I’m not disappointed…. My heart is starting to break for you.

No, please don’t blame yourself. This is not your fault at all.

You’re already doing more than enough to protect me.

No one is an airhead from birth. Please don’t say that, Ray…

Please don’t blame yourself like that… My heart is aching as well.

09:12 – Crisp Crisp

Hey Yoosung

I think he’s having a hard time because he’s not sure if he’s really good.

That’s because your digestive system is failing.

Oh dear T_T

Welcome Zen!

Are you a man of your health who says no to chips?

They’re both bad. Both of you need special treatment for your health.

Whatever it is you fry, it’s bad for you after fried.

Your mother called?

Good for you. I’m glad you’re positive ^^

Oh dear… Looks like she touched on something she shouldn’t.

Don’t you think you’re being obsessive… by keeping your questions, Yoosung?

Even if you are disappointed, I think it’s because she’s your mother. Try to be a little more understanding.

But family is special.

Your mother is no saint. Try to think like an adult and treat and understand her as an adult.

There’s more than a single type of a family. I think what’s important is not to lose myself.

Poor you, Yoosung…

Both of you are so adorable – but let’s not fight – !

Yoosung, calm down –

I hope you feel better next time we talk…

He’s having a hard time. Let’s try to be understanding.

He’s being immature. Someone’s gotta teach him how cruel the world is.

If I were you, I’ll try calling them. Don’t you think it’s such a tragedy to stay disconnected from your family?

I’ll be praying too. See you soon!

12:21 – Unforeseeable Life

Have you had your lunch?

I already did.

You deserve a good rest!

So doesn’t that mean you have some time for yourself now?

I truly hope you can, Jaehee…!!

Welcome, Jumin!


Don’t tell me… Jumin… Do you have a new business in mind…?


I’m a little sad we must antagonize the hacker….

Security is important… but don’t you think finding out the secret within the RFA is more important?

I think you should be prudent.

Wow! Will it be the most advanced team?

I’m worried this fight seems to grow bigger….

Perhaps the department doesn’t exist at all…

Do you really have to make one…?

You, Jaehee.

Wow! You’re a genius!!

So this is how fast things can progress.

You’re so generous.

We might be able to make up with the hacker soon. Cheer up.

I hope all this hard work would lead us all to peace….

I think there’s something we don’t know about this… as well as misunderstandings.

Good luck…

Story Mode: V

No option available.

14:37 – What’s Wrong?

We’re going to have an intelligence unit. What do you think about that?

Is the hacker working a lot…?

I wish we could find a way to settle this peacefully with the hacker.

Save is good…! DB is more than welcome! *

Your hand is so pretty….

I wanna know what your hands look like Zen lol

Are you feeling better? You had an argument with Yoosung.


…In his personal Zen Report ver. 06.

Dying-to-brag-about-something mood!

Wow – ! You got the role? Congrats!

The main character?!?!?! We should throw a party – !

Yep you’re right.

You should be grateful for your present day!

It’s true there are a lot of masterpieces that feature characters with dual personality!

Zen! I know you can do it.

I think that’s why happiness lies in our hearts, waiting to be discovered.

So how’s it going? ^^

I wish I could perform my duties in peace…

The hacker is good… But maybe it’s because he’s similar to you…

Is this woman your girlfriend?

You should take a walk if you need a refresher.

I hope this is finished peacefully….

Zen, are you good with computers?

Congrats once again on getting the role!

Take the energy of victory and rock the practice room!

Story Mode: Ray

No option available.

16:13 – Is It True!?

Isn’t it awesome or what? I’m so thrilled…!

I hope you can make your dream come true!

I can’t wait to see him taking the stage!


Wait, is this guy’s brother famous in the game of Go?

Okay! Let’s send him an invitation. I’d like to learn a thing or two about ticketing. *

That’s a neat trick….

I hope you keep up the good work!

17:45 – Seven, Finally?

Hey Yoosung…


Wow… I wonder what it tastes like. Let me know after you try a sip, Yoosung!

Speak of the devil. LOLOL

Oh GOD7… Is it not too late to buy stocks?

Stocks come in 1+1? Smells fishy here…

I’m ready to press buy.

Don’t tempt us….

Dun dun dun…!


Wow I never knew! Amazing!

You are kind of cute lol

Wow! Could you make a waving doll too? I’m going to put it in front of my house.


I guess… Life is but a tsunami of serendipity –

I should find a new hobby.

Why don’t you try part-time jobs?

Wow! I’ll be there to cheer for you!

But still… life isn’t there for us only to work nonstop and prove ourselves, is it…?

I wish I could live without worrying about anything…

But I want to live a positive life, for my dream.

But don’t lose hope.

I can feel your anguish, GOD7…


Don’t push yourself too hard. You can’t even work if you pressure yourself too much!

Why don’t you try looking for something you really like?

You’ll soon see your dream blooming after recovery.

Run along… Cheer up.

Story Mode: 707

No option available.

19:23 – Small Coincidence

You must still be busy. Are you having your meals properly?

That’s alright. I wanted to talk to you ^^

You don’t have to worry that I might leave… I’m not going anywhere without you.

I want you to let me stay with you unconditionally.

Don’t worry about me… Are you alright?

That’s not true. Please don’t say that…

I think what matters is what you think about yourself.

But it looked like V wanted all of us to get together in peace…

But do you have to push yourself so much? I think the Mint Eye is forcing you to do something too demanding….

It’s okay. You can tell me.

You took a risk to protect me… Thank you…

I don’t think you need it, either. Please don’t drink it if it hurts you…


You don’t have to worry about me…

I won’t leave you. So I hope your heart will find peace…

I don’t want you suffering because of me…

I’m fine. But I miss you so much…

That’s alright. But you have to come back and chat with me again…!

Story Mode: Ray

No option available.

21:13 – Importance of Patience

Welcome, Jumin.

This is rather depressing, since I’m stuck in between…

Uh, nothing.

There will be peace in the end.

Do you like stitching, Jumin?

Patience is the key…

Don’t you think you might prick your finger if you do it in your car?

I look forward to your works!

I agree. It’s no good to work too hard.

Haha, you sure know a lot!

Why don’t we invite Pillow Love? *

Why don’t you start with cats?

That’s a simple naming…


23:09 – Congratulated Workaholic

Are you still practicing, Zen?

His hobby is his to choose –

I think Yoosung would be really neat.

Job = hobby for you…?

I think it’s a jackpot when you get to do your hobby while working.

That’s such a great way of motivating yourself – I’m sure you’ll do much better in the future –

I think you can do as much as your analysis can work.

I hope you’d do your best, but I hope you don’t push yourself too hard.

Why not ask Seven for help?

Yoosung would get to grow after experiencing lots of things.

True… Nothing can beat the time.

I think the definition of right and wrong changes as the world changes. So vengeance has no meaning.

Nobody is born evil, though there might be people who don’t realize that…

I’m sure you can do well.

Sure. Thanks.


DAY 1 – 4 | DAY 5 | DAY 6 | DAY 7 | DAY 8 | DAY 9 | DAY 10


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