Judge (2010)

Are you ready to be judged for your sins?

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Hi guys! Since today is Halloween, I thought I would share with you a manga with horror/mystery genre. Honestly, I’m not very fond of this genre, but I find this manga which I would share with you is very thrilling and interesting.

This manga is called Judge, written and illustrated by Tonogai Yoshiki, the same author who created Doubt in 2007 (I would make another review for it later). This manga told a story about 9 people who were kidnapped and confined in a room, where each of them wearing an animal mask. Their kidnapper informed them that it’s already time for them to be judged for their sins. They would have to judge one another as in every 12 hours, they had to choose one among them who would die until the ones who remained uncover the truth.

I find this story similar with Saw series especially where human psychology played a huge part for the story development, but without body-parts cutting scenes, which is a great relief. With only 17 chapters long, every bit of it was thrilling and interesting enough so you couldn’t stop until you finish the story. It is amazing how the author could create different characters close enough with reality so every judgment or decision they made on the manga was very realistic.

If in Doubt the characters were killed in random, it was more structural in Judge since the remaining characters were the ones to decide. So it was very intriguing to find out who will be killed next and what kind of reaction each of them would give. As someone who likes psychological play like me, this series was very satisfying. Though it would be more interesting if each character’s background was told in detail, it wasn’t a big deal. I’m still think that 17 chapters are great numbers.

Even though the idea is similar with the previous manga Doubt, this one is totally on a different level. When I read Doubt, I think it was quite easy to guess which one of them is the culprit. So basically I just reading the manga to find out how the crime was carried out and the motive behind the crime. But in Judge, the author did a good job to surprised me. The story was much more unpredictable and the biggest plot twist was put on the very end of the manga. When I finished it, I could say “Oh my that was amazing! I couldn’t see that coming at all!”.

For a Shounen manga, I think Judge has a very good art style. It was well drawn but still gave you the creeps, especially with those animal masks. From the manga cover, there’s already splotch of blood everywhere. Even so, the gore level for this manga is still far below Parasyte or Elfen Lied. So if you think you can’t really stand gore manga, this one is still safe. Even I don’t read Attack on Titan at all because I’m afraid it would be too much.

So, if you find a good reading for a mystery/horror manga, Judge probably would be perfect. It doesn’t take too long to finish the story, yet still giving you enough thrill and suspense.

Happy Halloween!

Donten ni Warau (2011)


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So I just finished reading a series of manga called Donten ni Warau or Laughing Under the Clouds in English. I wondered where were I that I didn’t find this amazing series sooner, because it’s been there since 2011 and I just found it recently. But I’m still grateful that I had the chance to stumble upon this manga, because if I wasn’t I’m sure I will regret it. Thanks to MangaRock for the recommendation!

This manga is set in the 11th year of the Meiji era, where Japan was slowly changing because of the western influence and carrying swords were forbidden. But there were plenty of people who disagreed and thus the crime rates increased. The government solution was to create a prison called Gokumonjo in the middle of Lake Biwa. The protagonists, three Kumou brothers were assigned to transport the criminal through the lake to the prison. But their main job was never only transporting criminals. They had duty to prevent the rebirth of the Orochi, the legendary snake who appeared every 300 years and said to bring calamity to humankind.

At first, I thought this manga was just a series of one shot, telling the daily life of our protagonists. But at later chapters, the pieces are coming in place to create the bigger picture of the story. When I got the idea of the story, I just couldn’t stop myself from reading it until I finished. And finishing it didn’t take a long time, since it’s only 29 chapters in total. In my opinion, those numbers are just perfect, the plot wasn’t dragged with unnecessary plot and not too short either so it didn’t feel rushed at all.

The main idea itself is quite simple, but with some plot twists here and there, the story become unexpected and full of emotions. I laughed at the jokes, but I was also surprised this kind of manga could make me cry once or twice while reading through the chapters. Those element of surprises in the manga is one of the reasons why I say the story is unexpectedly very real, totally different from the other shoujo manga with the same theme.

It also has a very fitting ending, even though it’s not the kind of ending where everyone is come together and live happily ever after, but still, this kind of happy ending is fine. The manga still maintained its realistic element until the end and that’s what makes the manga even more amazing. This manga is totally one of that makes you want to read it again and again in the future.

In addition, the art was also beautifully drawn by Karakara Kemuri sensei. Her style is become one of my favorite immediately. Not to mention that almost all of her male characters are handsome (insert heart emoji here hahaha).

By the way, this manga also came up with two other series. One is Donten ni Warau Gaiden, which consists of few side stories before and after what happened at Donten ni Warau. Another one is Rengoku ni Warau, a prequel manga set in 300 years before Donten ni Warau. Go check it out, another amazing works by Kemuri sensei 🙂

Score: 9/10


Mystic Messenger: Another Story – V Route Good Ending Guide DAY 10

Note: For now my guide will only available from the 5th day, since I thought it will be more difficult to get the ending we want from day 5 to 11.

(*) is an answer related to guest email, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

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00:46 – I Want to Talk to You

I’m worried about V…

We’ll beat the hospital in a minute.

I’m sure it was someone from the Mint Eye.

I think it’s good enough that you’re worried about V…

Wouldn’t Jumin already know about it? He has the intelligence unit.

Yoosung, what did you think of that?

Yoosung, you think differently?

Maybe…someone needs to listen to Rika. Then we would be able to get all the trouble behind us.

She’ll try to explain, but you must remember that she’s in a very unstable condition.

Tomorrow’s the part… Do you think we can still have it?

Yoosung…it seems you need some time to recollect your thoughts. Leave V to me and get some rest.

I’m alright. It’d be more than great if you could pray for V’s recovery.

Story Mode: 707

Seven, it’s not your fault…

Okay, I’ll stay with him. Don’t worry.

02:32 – See You Soon

Jumin, where are you right now?

Yes…he’s going into surgery soon.

I hope V would take courage and find his inner strength after the surgery.

Rika couldn’t accept V’s change… Maybe that’s why she despised him…?

…Let’s ask the doctors for more details.

So are you…momentarily holding off your habit of preparing for the worst?

Can’t we also treat V’s eyes during this surgery?

V will wake up healthy. That’s what I believe!

I think V would have wanted that.

Don’t worry, Jumin…and thank you for your support.

See you!

Story Mode: Jumin Han

I’ve heard a lot about you from V. Nice to meet you.

Thank you for coming, Jumin…

I’ll be here. I should protect V.

He did?

He cared for me…just in case.

I also…wish for V’s happiness. I really do.

I don’t think Rika…will be able to influence V in a god way anymore…

06:21 – Triangle?

He’s having his surgery. I’m waiting for him in the waiting room.

Surprisingly, you seem very calm.

I’m glad the party is being held.

Seven, how’s your work going?

It seems like he was able to prep himself up with the info Jumin gave about the Mint Eye.



I think this isn’t really the time…for us to start a relationship… T-T

I don’t want to burden V because of me… To me, V’s happiness is the top most priority.

Didn’t Rika say she was going to the apartment?

I don’t know where the apartment is, but I think I can tell what it looks like inside….with my ‘psychic powers!’

It’s dangerous to go there. There’s a bomb there.

Rika… I hope nothing bad happens with her and the RFA from now on…

But the party’s tomorrow!

Seven… You seem to be on a very tight schedule.

Can’t you win with his help?

Yoosung, you must be worried a lot.

Thank you. Now I feel like I’ve finally become an official member of the RFA.

No… You shouldn’t…

Alright. If that eases your mind…then go ahead.

Story Mode

No option available.

08:38 – Her Thoughts

What have you got to say? Why are you here again?

Now everyone knows what you were trying to do.

What do you really want…?

Rika, you know very well what kind of situation you’re in, don’t you?

It feels like you keep trying to seduce Yoosung…

Don’t try to prey on Jumin. He’s already having a hard time because of you, Rika.

Jaehee…try not to be fooled by Rika’s words.

Shouldn’t we send someone to the apartment?

You make your words sound so smooth…as always.

That help is not a justified method outside your world, Rika.

Rika…stop being stubborn now.

Rika…you should stop now.

I don’t think words are getting through her… Ignore her, Jaehee.

Rika, you can’t even understand what going on. You need treatment fast!

Jaehee…. I think it’s best to leave now.

…Why do you ask?

Story Mode: Jumin Han

Doesn’t Rika need some kind of help?

11:51 – Zen Worrying Over Yoosung

Zen…how are you managing?

I’m worried Yoosung will see that…

It’s must be hard for Yoosung…

Yoosung! Where are you?

Yoosung, why did you go out…?

You should head to Zen’s place right now!

Yoosung…it must be hard for you.

Take care!

Yes, I think you need to take good care of Yoosung.

You should take care of yourself, at least for tonight…

Yes… I’m worried it’ll affect his graduation.

Got it. Take good care of Yoosung.

14:05 – Yoosung’s True Feelings

Yoosung… I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk to Rika.

Are you really going to wait until she comes?

Maybe to protect you?

A mess?

Huh? Rika just logged in…

Rika, please don’t say anything weird to Yoosung…

Rika, do you regret your decision in leaving Yoosung?

Rika…what are you trying to say?

I know what it is…and I don’t think it’s a good idea to show that to Yoosung.

Yoosung… I know it hurts, but you have to accept it… It’s the truth.

Yoosung, it’s time for you to learn to stand on your own and move forward…

Yoosung…the others won’t accept that.

Yoosung, it’s time to let Rika go.

Yoosung… Rika has already left.

It seems she has said her final words to you, Yoosung. I think it’ll be a good idea to have some time to recollect your thoughts.

Yoosung…you know that she can’t come to the party anymore.


Yoosung… I think it’s time for you stop and have some rest…

Story Mode: Yoosung

No option available.

16:12 – Tattered

Zen, how is Yoosung?

I think Rika really meant it.

I hope Yoosung can get over this…


I’m also about to blow up as well… Gahhhh

Everyone already is worn out… T-T

Is there something wrong?

Seven, maybe your eyes are too tired from too much work.

Then let’s get on with it!

You want to take the hacker to your agency?

I believe he’ll recover in a few days.

He’ll come around very soon! Don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye on him.

He will…wake up.

Can you use it as an ID?

They just won’t surrender to the end…

I’m sure Yoosung will do as he pleases…

Try to cheer up with Yoosung!

Is there a peaceful way we can take care of this?

I hope both the hacker and Rika could be taken care in a good way…

Story Mode: V

No option available.

18:00 – I Want You to Be Happy

Why do you keep coming to this chatroom?

It’s because you’ve been hurt a lot.

Rika…why did you make RFA? Did you know it will turn out like this?

Does that mean your method has changed but not your intentions?

Rika…please, let’s stop fighting.

At first…you tried to become the light.

Is there really no way for you to become the light?

Leave V…to me.

…Thank you.

19:49 – Save Me

You did a good job at the hospital today.

Thank you for worrying for me. I’ll take care of myself.

How’s the intelligence unit doing?

Rika… you’re here again.

Rika….you sound different now.

There’s no meaning in saying such words now!

Now that’s enough, Rika…

You’re just being arrogant.

That isn’t something that you can change alone, Rika…

Happiness should be found by oneself. It’s not something you implant in others.

If you going to talk about your faith, I think you can stop it now…

Rika…if you really care for V, you need to stop now.

So you’re saying it had nothing to do with the Mint Eye’s ideology…

Alright, don’t worry, Jumin.

Are you going to be at the apartment?

Could you just leave Ray alone…!?

21:53 – My Defeat

Jaehee, you must be busy with the intelligence unit.

What’s plan B?

It looks like they’re even willing to die, as this is their last battle.

Then what will happen to Ray?

Jaehee, the way you proceed with everything is awesome!

I’m okay. I’m worried about V.

Is Ray reading the chat logs?

So Ray is really good as his game.

So it’s all going to end soon.


Ray, it’s all over now….

Story Mode: V

V…! Can you hear me?

We are at the hospital! Are you okay?

You were hurt, V… You were stabbed…

No, she’s not. Let’s slowly assess the situation.

Yes, Jumin and Seven said they would take care of the Mint Eye.

Let’s talk about her later…

Yes, it is… I was so worried something might happen to you.

I was worried. But it’s okay since you’re awake now…

What kinds of words did your mother say to you in your dream?

Sure, V. I’ll be rooting for you.

23:59 – Goodbye

Did something happen to Ray?

Did Ray….

Why are you in here?

It seems it’s no use whatever you say…

I’ll stay…

Did something happen to Ray…?

It’s all over, Rika…


It’s so sad….

Rika…now we’ll help you.

The sun is always above you, Rika…

Everyone will help you…

…Now the end draws near.

That won’t happen.

Seven…did force Rika out?

Story Mode: 707

V, are you alright?


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Mystic Messenger: Another Story – V Route Good Ending Guide DAY 9

Note: For now my guide will only available from the 5th day, since I thought it will be more difficult to get the ending we want from day 5 to 11.

(*) is an answer related to guest email, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10


00:56 – Seduction of the Moon

Feels very afar…

Something disastrous will happen if you can’t control the darkness within you, Rika.

I think it was a realization essential for V. It’s not something that derived from fear. It’s something that he needed for himself.

I’m not on any side.

I am a little afraid, but it’s something that I want.

I…want to grow by agonizing and feeling those kinds of thing.

It seems you’re using fear but have an ideal completely opposite from it.

I’ll…chose the RFA.

I’ll…wait for the sun.

Story Mode: 707

No option available.

02:43 – I Can Make You Have More


Sleeping? What do you mean?

Why did you wake up now?

Get rid of him!?

How are you going to do that?

No, thanks.

I’m not going back!

Please leave us and V alone…

There’s no way that’s going to happen!

Story Mode: 707

No option available.

06:21 – Stop It

How are you feeling?

I’m okay! You don’t have to be sorry!

I’m sure the others are doing well!

Merely hiding things wasn’t the answer… But you can change that from now on.

Wouldn’t Rika feel the same guilt? Rika used to do a lot of good things before…

Stop trying to sacrifice yourself, V! That’s not good to Rika as well.

I want you to treasure yourself more. V, you’re a precious person to me as well.

Then what about the people who care for you, V? Stop saying such irresponsible things and get a grip!

V, please…

V, if you want everyone to be happy, you have to stop pampering Rika.

That boy…?

Story Mode: V

V, how are you feeling?

It’s alright. You’re good enough just the way you are.

There goes your habit again. You’re trying to handle everything by yourself -.

You don’t have to do this alone. We can work together.

There’s nothing that you shouldn’t have started. Back then you only had innocent intention… You only wished to experience love.

You’re not a monster, V! You’re just…you’ve experienced tragically sad love. That’s all.

You can find your hue from now on. You can start discovering yourself from the beginning.

Please don’t go. Stay. Stay and find a new path.

09:04 – Third Person Perspective


Are you fiddling with Seven’s phone?

Oh…the design’s like this because it was hacked.

No. Not a test…but Vanderwood, the hacker can see the messages you write here.

Does the camera work?

In truth… I think you’re good-looking.

Why isn’t he answering them?

He probably thinks of his life dearly…

It seems like a series of distress… I joined because it was a group doing good deeds…

He’s sacrificing to protect everyone.

Maybe he likes the RFA that much…

Hereditary, maybe…?

Allow me to thank you in his place ^^; V had many difficult things going on.

Don’t you want to join our association?

…It might not be the time yet… But you never know about the future, right?

What are you saying?

But this is the exceptional situation! Exceptional!

What kind of photos are you comparing?

Seven is safe, right?

Run run run –

Story Mode: 707

No option available.

12:07 – Rika’s Feelings

He wants to protect everyone.

Don’t belittle yourself that much…

Do you have to prove yourself like that?

Rika, you have a lot of people around you. Why do you feel lonely?

You two are people with completely different ideas.

You’re only using them.

Rika, will you be satisfied when you make the whole RFA fall into darkness?

Rika, how much do you know about RFA?

Even without you, Rika…they will find ways themselves.

At least V is a leader with a warm heart…

If it slips to one side, that’s called obsession. It’s obsession for you as well.

Story Mode: V

V, please calm down… It’s too dangerous to go there by yourself.

Please, stop being obsessed with Rika.

You tried to embrace it.

V…can’t you take courage and let us all work this out together?

Enough with your obsession with Rika! You should treasure yourself some more!

You don’t have to sacrifice yourself for Rika. You’re already priceless to me.

You already have the courage to put an end to your obsession. It’s already inside you, and I’m sure you can find it. Give yourself some more time.

Of course, as long as you love yourself.

14:11 – Reason Trying to Stop Her

Yes.. He’s asleep. Seven…did you see what Rika wrote?

Isn’t saying beyond repair kind of harsh… ?

Then you’re saying that if Rika can take RFA to the Mint Eye if she wants to?

I can’t imagine what V would have gone through… It breaks my heart…

Since when did Rika change like this…?

Yoosung…will be in a mental catastrophe.

Yes, of course.

She might have hidden her dual side very well…

Would there be someone like that?

Is there no way to change her mind back?


Story Mode

No option available.

16:39 – You Changed Me

Why do you keep coming into the chatroom?

If you know I’m having a difficult time, hurry up and recover! Let’s think this positively!

No… She’ll probably keep doing what she wants.

I don’t mind suffering, as long as my words have reached you, V…

Then there’s one more reason why you shouldn’t go…

We can fill that in together. We have time ahead of us. So don’t leave.

What are you going to do after meeting her?

…So are you really going to go? Putting everyone behind you..?

You can start again. Even love and art…. Please listen to me.

V, you change is…entirely up to you. I told you to think of yourself first!

Story Mode: 707

No option available.

18:35 – Seven’s Persuasion

What are you doing?


Ray, calm down..

Ray… Any plans on shifting over to the RFA?

Ray…. You should let go of us now.

You have a brother?

Are you in pain again…?

Do you think you know him, Seven?

Good luck till the end!

Story Mode: 707

No option available.

20:12 – Winner Seven!!!

Heart-beating faster?

Hmm? Did something change??


Why aren’t the others coming in?

Yes! Can we now move V to a safer place?

Will Ray not attack again…?

Take him to the agency.

Let’s celebrate the recovery of our messenger!

I want to see the messenger buzzing again with everyone logged on.

What is it?!

Wasn’t it all recovered?

If the members login, can they read the messages Rika and the hacker wrote…?

Good luck!

21:49 – I Missed You All

The messenger’s security system has been recovered, Rika.


Are you planning to talk the RFA members here?

It’d be better for them not to see.

What kind of text?

That’s a lie… What trip?

For being absent for the past 6 months?

You do know…that you words can confuse him, don’t you?

Are you planning to say hello to every member like this?

Rika…what is it that you really want?

I don’t plan to… Rika, stop being like that in front of me…

If it were possible, he would have…

The RFA won’t be able to read what you’ve written.

One last thing…?

Story Mode: 707

Okay. Here, lean on me.

What is it?

No, thank you… For finding me in my life.

Regardless, thank you for wading through such a trail of thorns and making it here.

I’m sure you can.

Are you sure you’ll be fine?

Then, please excuse me.

23:24 – V Has Been Stabbed!

I have nothing to say to you now, Ray.


Then…about the texts Rika wrote..the others can see it as well, right…?

Can the others come in now?

That’s not what’s important right now! Get V to the hospital first!

V’s here as well!

Yes, I’ll keep him awake!

I’m okay. So is Seven. V’s the only one hurt badly.

I have to look over V so it’ll be difficult for me to tell you in detail.

Yoosung, V’s been hurt badly!

It was between the two of them… Some of it might be true.

Yes. Seven said he recovered it all.

Do you want me to find proof or something?

Make up your mind after listening to both side of the story, after V recovers.

Yoosung, you’re trying to look after RFA in your own way…aren’t you?

Don’t worry. V will be okay. He’s strong!

I’m relieved as well to see the members doing fine.

Story Mode

No option available.


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Mystic Messenger: Another Story – V Route Good Ending Guide DAY 8

Note: For now my guide will only available from the 5th day, since I thought it will be more difficult to get the ending we want from day 5 to 11.

(*) is an answer related to guest email, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10



00:44 – Seven’s Status Report

We saved V! And I’m with Seven too!

Let’s hurry.

Yoosung, V is sick!

I think V was forced to take a dangerous drug…

I don’t think she’s the same Rika you used to know…

All V ever did was loving Rika as best as he could. I feel so bad for him…

Yes, Seven saved V. Good work, Seven…

Seven, are you going to investigate the Mint Eye soon?

Yoosung, why don’t you have a nice cup of tea and calm down?

No more repetitions!

You can count on me.

Perhaps V made secrets because he didn’t want us to see what Rika became.

I don’t think she’ll actually come with us even if we all go there together…

Good luck on that, Yoosung!

Story Mode

V! Can you hear me?

I’m fine, thanks to you.

Seven, I know you’re confused, but V is not well right now.

I’m fine. Please take care of yourself.

01:59 – Emergency In RFA

He’s resting… But he’s sweating a lot… He seems to be in lots of pain…

No, there was this situation, so right now we’re going to Seven’s hideout. Sorry, but I can’t give you the details.

I don’t think we can afford to invite him here, but could you please tell him to contact me? I’d like to invite him to our party. *

You’re so busy late through the night, Zen…

Do you know any emergency protocol to this?

I don’t think… V has any intention of making Rika have her punishment.

V is trying to solve this, but… he’s too self-sacrificing.

She is the Rika you know. I can guarantee.

I think you make an interesting team with Yoosung.

You’re working so hard, Jaehee.

Then what should we do?

I think we’d better tell Seven.

I don’t want to see any more of this heartbreaking war…

I think they need you, Jumin.

I’ll do my best in whatever I can.

Good luck, Jaehee!

Could you recommend a party guest…?

Seven, we have a situation!

So you mean we can no longer chat?

This is sad… We can’t use the messenger now?

Ok… I hope I can see you again here, though I’m not sure when I can…

Story Mode

V, I’m here.

I’m fine.

Leave it to me.

Please don’t push yourself. Just rest, V…

I’ll hold your hand. No need to shiver.

07:13 – Suspicious Chat Room

Tell me about it… I thought the RFA messenger is closed now.

No, let me do that. You should rest, V.

I hope this battle will be over without causing a lot of damage…


What’s wrong with the messenger?

So Rika can access this messenger, right?

I’m looking after V.

Aggressive you…?

Isn’t there a way all of us can get along?

I am doing my preparations. Kind of.

So is that why you wanted a party to happen? So this was all…

…For now, could you tell him to send me an email?

No, I like ice cream too.


Could you please ask Rika to settle this peacefully?

09:27 – Conciliation Towards Seven


Wow! It’s back.

It’s…back, right?


That’s enough, Seven…

No, it’s fine. It almost worked…


Rika, please stop hurting us anymore…

Rika, I’ve seen them too… I think you need a treatment.

But Seven rescued V.

Seven, is it okay to keep talking to Rika?

Who’s Saeran?

Seven, I don’t know what you two are talking about… But right now don’t let yourself falter. Alright?

Saeran must be important to you, Seven…

Don’t you want to make up with us?

Rika… Are you alright?

I think we can make up…if we treat your trauma.

Story Mode

This time I’ll protect V.

11:00 – How Did We End Up Like This

V, what are you doing? You should be resting!

What are you trying to tell Rika?

What was your first encounter like?

Yes, why is that?

So…you wanted to be a painter.

So it was Rika who helped you to wake up?

Rika must have been so happy.

…So denying love was the same as denying yourself.

I understand how Rika would’ve felt.

I…I think it was a process of discovering who you really are. Now you got to know what love is a little better.

But you didn’t know that until now… Ignorance is no sin.

I understand how you feel, V… But I wish you wouldn’t lose your hope in love.

I will be with you in your path to the conclusion to all this. I’ll hold you tight.

I think you can soon find an answer more mature than that.

Why is that?

That is not going to happen… I want to protect you!

Story Mode: V

No option available.

13:07 – The Demon You Created

I think V is looking back at himself… He must be in lots of pain.

I don’t think talking about your past will be of any use…

What did it feel like to you back then?

Perhaps he realized that it’s selfish to unconditionally and blindly pour his feelings, no matter how good it is.

I think V was just being honest with his feelings…

Rika…are you having difficulty accepting the truth?

Rika, if you still love V… Please let him go. Just like V is trying to.

Rika… V wants to become different now. And I want to help him.

Right now…all V wants to do is protect me.

Please stop trying to put us against each other, Rika…

V doesn’t mask himself.

That is not going to happen.

Rika… you sound very far from normal.

If V really did that, I’m going to embrace him…

15:21 – I’m Worried of You

Ray…what brings you here?

It’s not V’s fault… But I’m not sure if you’d understand.

You shouldn’t have drugged him… It’s wrong.

I hope your trauma can be cured too… The Mint Eye will not provide a fundamental treatment for your wound.

Ray… I’m not going back now.

You asked me not to abandon you…

I think you must find your own happiness, instead of relying on someone else for it.

I don’t think that’s the right way… And all the things that are forced in that place are wrong.

I trust in V. And that won’t change, no matter what you say…

You did too? What do you mean?

I wish there were somebody who could sincerely care for your wounds…

My heart can’t be divided into a devil and an angel… My heart is just what it is.

Why is that?

…I’m sorry. But I don’t think that’ll happen.

Leave the RFA alone…and leave the party alone. Those people have nothing to do with this.

Stop it, Ray… We’re not going anywhere…



Could it be what?

17:32 – It’s All My Fault

Where are you right now?

It’s alright. There’s really nothing we can do about this. Rika’s side thinks that we’re bad…

That’s not true. I believe that you can love!

No, you can do it, V. You can be stronger. I’ll help you!

I understand that you’re afraid… Think about all the things you’ve gone through.

Seven, are you looking for V?

I wish I could be with V in your car…

What’s wrong? Is it bad for V?

Oh, no… I’ll be fine. V, you can talk to me if you feel uneasy.

He seemed to know you well, Seven.

Why did you think that you might know him?

Is this person you’re thinking of the person you asked Rika if he’s doing fine?

V, you’d better come on in, or I’m going to get you.

Cheer up! I’m with you! I wish you’d get better soon.

What are you saying, V….? Don’t be so depressed! Cheer up!

Thanks for the info, Seven.

For now let’s think about good things, okay?

I think there was nothing you could do about it…

You were met with agony because you’re too nice.

Yes, I’m sure your depression will soon go away! Let’s have faith and wait just a bit more.

How are you going to do that?

Instead of a reunion, why not ‘a new start’?

It’s okay! Of course you’d be scared in a situation like this!

I’m sure you can find love again. From now on try to accept your fear as well.

Ok, you can talk to me right by my side.

Story Mode: 707

No option available.

19:02 – Failure

Rika… Are you painful to see V changing..?

I know how difficult your environment was, but you chose to make things like this…

Please, take a look around. There are people who are having a hard time because of you…

Don’t you think that’s only temporary…?

Don’t you think you’re taking away their ability to stand alone?

He’s accepted loss of love… So of course, he’d start to feel afraid.

He’s not running away. He’ll learn to acknowledge his fear and love in the reality.

Perhaps V is afraid…because no one ever held his hand by his side.

V has had more than enough of such violent and self-destructive love… Now that’s enough, Rika.

20:21 – Don’t Want to be Abandoned

Not well, because of the Mint Eye…

You mean why she founded the Mint Eye?

V is deeply related to the source of the trouble Rika caused…

You are very talented, Ray… I’m sure you could do something else as well…

Ray… I hope you’d use your talent for yourself.

I don’t think any single party is at fault in this.

You’ve done nothing wrong. But I thought that it was dangerous to be with Rika, and I wanted to help V.

Ray, don’t you want to join the RFA…?

Ray… Isn’t there any way I can save you?

V’s effect was huge in the process Rika founded the Mint Eye… That I remember.

You mean the elixir of salvation… Won’t Ray grow dependent as he takes it?

I heard that the side effect will be tremendous if you take it for long.


I feel bad for Ray. Please, don’t make any more victims…

22:00 – Opposition and Debacle

V, how are you feeling?

What are the side effects like?

Rika… You’re back.

V is now starting to change… Even you won’t be able to stop him, Rika.

Now there’s no point in arguing who’s right and wrong, Rika…

Right now V is experiencing trials and errors called love. And he’s, therefore, becoming a better person.

Everyone is afraid of criticisms.

We don’t get to see someone like you every day, Rika. V merely stumbled upon a wrong person.

Can’t you two forgive each other and make up?

Rika… It doesn’t matter. It’s all in the past now.

If that is true love, then why did you leave V?

V, you can’t do that…!

V, now you can’t save her…

But now… V won’t love you like you want him to.

V… Don’t comply with her. You’ll end up bringing others into this!

Whatever it is that you want, it won’t come true, Rika… V is changing.

I’m fine… It’s just my heart aches a bit…

You shouldn’t do that. For her sake! This is where the ill cycle ends.

I respect your opinion, V. But please don’t sacrifice yourself. Don’t forget that your life can have a new beginning.

Of course. I’d be glad to help.

Story Mode: V

No option available.

23:16 – Pass the Baton

Ray, what’s wrong?!

I’m fine… Ray, are you alright?

He’s not tormenting you… He’s also trying to protect someone precious to him.

Ray… I’m sorry. Now that things have turned like this, everything will start to change.

I’m sure it’s not your fault… I think it’s because you met the wrong person…

Are you alright!?

Huh..? What is going on right now?

Is there something I can do for you?

Who are you?

Seven, we have a stranger here!

What do you mean, maybe not…? We need to stop that no matter what!

I think this is a different person from Ray…

Is V alright?

You know Seven?

What happened to Ray?

You can’t take me. The RFA will protect me…


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